Nestled within Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens offers a conducive learning environment with large classrooms and access to outdoor facilities including the club’s swimming pool. Its unique location allows the centre to include swimming lessons in the curriculum for the upper levels. Enrolment is open to public and not restricted to members of the club.


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Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children went on a field trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. They had fun exploring the great outdoors and discovering various plants. The highlights of...

Easter Day Celebrations

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children had a blast doing various artworks in celebration of Easter. They had tremendous fun making colourful and spring-themed crafts such as Easter eggs and...

Making Slime

Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens | No Comments
The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens N2 children had loads of fun making their own slime for play! What a fun and engaging activity for children to explore their senses and...

Cold Storage Excursion

Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens | No Comments
In line with the topic on "Nutritious and Delicious", the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children headed to Cold Storage at Heartland Mall to explore the different types of food sold...

iSTEAM Curriculum

Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens | No Comments
As the Cambridge@Serangoon Gardens K1 children become more and more excited about our new iSTEAM curriculum, their exploration on another simple machine made it more significant! They explored the concept...

Book Dress-up Day

Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens | No Comments
As a culminating activity on their exploration about Animals, the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens Toddlers and K2 children held a "Book Dress-up Day". Children were encouraged to come to school...

The City

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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children continued to explore the topic "Our Special World" by making a field trip to "The City", an interactive learning playground. There, they were given...


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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children had the opportunity to make their own pizza. The hands-on experience at Doughworkz nourished their minds and bodies. They learnt fun facts about food...

River Safari

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As the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children begin another learning journey about “Our Special World”, they went on a field trip to River Safari. It was an opportunity for the...


  • Serangoon Gardens-testimonial-2

    “…made a positive impact on all three of them.”

    Parents of Ariel, Aerin & Aldren

    We have three lovely children who studied at Cambridge Pre-school since they were 2-year old toddlers.

    Ariel graduated from K2 in 2017, while Aerin and Aldren are still attending K1 and N2 respectively this year.

    Ariel joined the school as a toddler in 2013, a shy and timid little girl who often cried in school and had strong separation anxiety. Fast forward to today, she is a fun-loving and out-going 7-year old, and someone who always looks forward to primary school to learn new things.

    Aerin and Aldren have integrated well in Cambridge under the nurturing care of their wonderful teachers. They excitedly share about the content learnt in school, and interesting learning journeys that they go to during excursions. We are also kept updated of their learning and development through the communication app for parents.

    We would like thank all the wonderful staff in Cambridge who have made a positive impact on all three of them during their formative years of early childhood.

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    “Our children have definitely thrived in the Cambridge environment…”

    Parents of B.Nottle

    We are incredibly blessed to have our children attend Cambridge Preschool!
    We have 2 children experiencing the Cambridge education at the moment. One is currently in Kindergarten One and had been with Cambridge since 2015 and the younger is in Nursery Two and joined Cambridge in 2016. Both our children have learnt so much and developed a sense of independence and pride about themselves. The teachers make the children feel special and unique whilst providing them the interpersonal skills and academic skills when they grow on to their next year. We have seen our girls grown more outspoken over the years and when they talk about their teachers and friends every day, we know they are happy and that is what is most important to us.

    Having the children pick up the Chinese language is also something we look forward to in Singapore and they definitely did with the wonderful guidance of the teachers in Cambridge. They can speak Mandarin now and my older child can even read a few simple words.

    Our children have definitely thrived in the Cambridge environment and we cannot thank all the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our children.

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    “… bring out the best in them, be it cognitive or character development.”

    Agnes Cheong, Mother of Roy & Ray

    I have two sons enrolled in Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens. My elder son, Roy has been with Cambridge Preschool since 2014. As he approaches his last year in kindergarten, I have witnessed how he has grown from a clingy toddler to an independent child who speaks with confidence. The iSTEAM curriculum that was rolled out this year has also sparked Roy’s inquisitiveness and curiosity in exploring science concepts in his daily life. My younger son, Ray started attending the toddler class in June this year and he has integrated into the environment very quickly with the care and love that the teachers showered on him. My two sons have been blessed with dedicated teachers who would go extra miles to bring out the best in them, be it cognitive or character development. I am confident that Cambridge Preschool will prepare my sons well for the next journey that they will embark on in life.



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