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Our practical life skills programme is an initiative designed to equip your child with self-help skills that foster independence and confidence. Rooted in the principles of child development and early education, Cambridge Pre-school recognises the critical importance of nurturing independence from a young age.

Through our carefully crafted curriculum, your child will be gently guided through age-appropriate activities that promote self-sufficiency in daily tasks, from dressing up independently to tidying up after play.

By instilling these skills early on, your child will develop a sense of autonomy, competence, self-reliance and agency that extends beyond the classroom and lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Self-help Skills
Self-help Skills

Our programme focuses specifically on three main areas:

  • Good manners
    by developing good social etiquette, manners and respect for others,
  • Care of Self
    by nurturing independence, self-help skills and good habits to ensure good health, hygiene and safety, and
  • Care of environment
    by cultivating a responsibility in caring for the environment.



Through regular communication and collaboration, you will be encouraged to reinforce and build upon the skills learned in the programme at home. By incorporating self-help activities into daily routines, you can further support your child’s development and promote independence in all aspects of life.

Together, we endeavour to work hand in hand with you to nurture a confident, capable young learner who is well-equipped to navigate the world with resilience and self-assurance.

Self-help Skills
Self-help Skills
Self-help Skills

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Zachary had a wonderful time during his time spent at Cambridge. He has learnt to be more independent and care for others as well. Special thanks to the teachers at Cambridge!

Cheryl Jamie

My girl loved the teachers especially Ms Tina and Liu Lao Shi and her friends too. We didn’t have to worry much about the transition to primary school as the foundation provided made it quite seamless. Generally quite well rounded curriculum.

Edna Kheng