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Our infant programme offers a safe, secure and welcoming environment with caring and respectful educarers to support your child’s exciting developmental milestones in the early years.

  • A sensory-rich space for exploration and discovery to stimulate early learning and develop a sense of curiosity and wonder
  • Opportunities for experimentation and manipulation of materials and the environment for cognitive development
  • Early literacy activities such as stories, rhymes and songs to support communication and language development
  • Purposeful play, art and music activities to spark creativity and self-expression
  • Meaningful interactions to build nurturing relationships
  • A nutritious and healthy menu to fulfil your child’s daily dietary needs
  • Weekly infant massage by a trained and certified educarer to improve your child’s overall well-being and health

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A big compliment to the infant care teachers whom really go the extra mile in taking care my sons from 4 to 18 months! The teachers are very caring towards their need and always engaging the infants in many creative and different activities. Big shout-out to Teacher Lina, Celine, Tham lao shi, Tina and Sharon. You are the unsung heros but your efforts are super appreciated by working parents like us 🙂

Ying Ling Eng

Both my kids attended Cambridge. When my son attended playgroup he couldn’t even say a word and was so baby-ish. But I am so grateful that the teachers were able to support and encourage him that he is able to speak in sentences now and is able to follow instructions so well.

My daughter was in N2 and I have seen a big difference in her attitude. She loved going to school and would share that school was fun. She learnt a lot during the time she was there.

Cambridge has a well balanced curriculum which makes each day exciting for the children. Their outdoors sessions from soccer to playground allows the children to enjoy the classroom while allowing them to also release that extra energy outdoors.

Maha Iakshmi