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A cosy and homely centre, Cambridge @ Sengkang is rated as one of the top three children care centres in the Sengkang neighbourhood. It is a popular choice amongst families residing nearby and is known for its warm and nurturing teachers.

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National STEAM Day

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Over at Cambridge @ Sengkang, the children celebrated National STEAM Day with interesting projects such as creating their own emoji thaumatrope optical illusion toy and watercolour house, investigating which object...

Happy Halloween

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children had a “spooktastic” Halloween celebration. The children showcased their costumes to their friends and played games such as Egg Racing and Spider Web Toss. Last...

Aerospace Museum

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children has a flying start to this term with a visit to the Aerospace Museum at Seletar. They learnt about the history of aviation, parts of...

Happy Children’s Day

Cambridge @ Sengkang | One Comment
Every child loves to play. The Cambridge @ Sengkang children enjoyed a day of fun together with a "bear hunt" and outdoor activities. They ended their day with the movie...

Mid-Autumn Festival

Cambridge @ Sengkang | One Comment
Did you see the full moon shining brightly last night? The Cambridge @ Sengkang children were beaming brightly with happiness even though they celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival during the day....

Happy Grandparent’s Day

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children put up a showcase of dance, song and short skit to show their love for their grandparents. They also lovingly created crafts which they eagerly...

Magnetic Slime

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Black, slimy and super fun! The Cambridge @ Sengkang K1 children explored magnetic forces using slime! They were filled with wonder and surprise as they watched the magnetic slime come...

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

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Happy Birthday, Singapore! We, the children of Cambridge @ Sengkang, love Singapore!


Earth Day

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang commemorated Earth week to raise awareness about ecological issues like climate change, drought, and water scarcity. The week was filled with significant and exciting activities to...

Bubble Art

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang Toddlers explore colours though “Bubble Art”. They mixed paint with water, squirted a little washing-up liquid, stirred it and blew into it using a straw to...

Easter Day Celebrations

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children had heaps of fun celebrating Easter with stories, games, songs and treats!


Sensory Walk

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang toddlers are exploring their 5 senses this term. Their teacher created a sensory walk using boxes and different materials to let the children explore their sense...

Happy Castle Excursion

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The children from Cambridge @ Sengkang went on an excursion to Happy Castle at Seletar Mall. They engaged in activities that enhanced their sensory abilities such as playing with cassia...

Healthy Eating

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang K1 children were discussing about healthy eating and decided to dramatise shopping in the market. The children “shopped” for food that were healthy and at the...

Racial Harmony

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Cambridge @ Sengkang celebrated Racial Harmony with an appreciation of the different ethnic group's traditional costumes, food and games. The children learnt the importance of respecting one another to preserve...


  • “The Cambridge Pre-school teachers are creative in their lesson ideas…”

    Mother of Yikai

    Hi everyone, I am Yikai’s mother. Currently, Yikai is studying at Cambridge @ Sengkang. Today, I would like to share with you about Yikai’s pre-school learning journey.

    Yikai is a very active child and his favourite colours are black and red. My husband and I were quite worried about this. When Yikai was 18 months old, we enrolled him in Cambridge Pre-school. However, Cambridge @ Sengkang is a distance away from where we are staying. When a new pre-school opened at the foot of our block, we transferred him there for convenience. Unfortunately, his learning progress at the new school was not ideal. My husband and I discussed and decided to transfer him back to Cambridge Pre-school.

    Initially, we were concerned that he would not be able to adapt to the environment. The teacher feedback that he had difficulty keeping pace with his peers. The teacher taught him patiently. After two months, the teacher informed us that he had improved tremendously. He is able to keep pace with the class and gets along well with his friends. The Cambridge Pre-school teachers are creative in their lesson ideas and plan field trips for the children to interact with the community. They also provide many different learning opportunities for children to express themselves and their creativity. As such, Yikai loves going to school.

    Now, not only can Yikai focus on his homework, he is also able to express himself confidently. Unlike the past, he now uses a variety of colours in his drawings. My husband and I are very grateful to Cambridge @ Sengkang for its curriculum, the team of professional and caring teachers, and the way the Principal manages the school.

    Thank you everyone at Cambridge @ Sengkang!

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    “The kids whom we saw in the centre, were all smiley and very caring towards their juniors…”

    Mother of Elyssa

    Sourcing for the most suitable childcare was of utmost importance to us when our daughter was born. We visited many centres and many did not meet our expectations. Some centres looked too dilapidated, some educators in the centres looked too unfriendly and grouchy, some did not have their own kitchen to prepare the meals. We finally found a suitable centre after some time – Cambridge @ Sengkang.

    It fulfilled all our requirements! It had a cosy setup, all the educators in the centre looked professional, friendly and attentive to the kids’ needs, they have an engaging and interesting programme which we believed will prepare our child well for the future and last but not least the most important of all, what made us to choose this centre – the children in the centre. The kids whom we saw in the centre, were all smiley and very caring towards their juniors. A happy and nurturing environment, that was what we wanted our child to be in.

    Though our child took some time to adapt to the environment, but with the dedication of the centre’s educators, she managed to love school, make friends and learn! We were put at ease while we worked, with regular updates from the school. The school took time to document our children’s progress and share these with parents regularly.

    We were glad that we had chosen Cambridge for our child’s preschool years. She has turned from a shy toddler who feared going into school to a confident, sociable and bright child. Thank you to all the educators in Cambridge!

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    “Many of them are role models and they make a huge difference in our child’s lives.”

    Mother of Aiden

    I am Joyce, K2 Aiden’s mum. First and foremost, I would like to thank the teachers from Cambridge @ Sengkang for this opportunity to give a thank you speech. Teachers shape the minds of our children and their future.

    There really are no words to express my gratitude for all they do. Many of them are role models and they make a huge difference in our child’s lives.

    I would especially like to thank Teacher Shirley and Yin Lai Shi for their passion, care and love for the children. They are strict like a Father and yet loving as a Mother and are always approachable. I always enjoy looking at the photos and videos shared by them through the Commapp. And I would relate and discuss with my Son about his project-based learning and show and tell. My Son really enjoys his learning with his Teachers and Friends. Teachers, we will always be thankful for all the hard work and efforts that the you have put in, for educating our young ones!

    Today is a very special moment for all of us as our child is getting promoted to another level in his life. On the other hand, they are also leaving behind their favourite pre-school where they spent their most significant first six years. I wish to thank each and every one in Cambridge for creating such wonderful memories. Rest assured you have done an excellent job and our children are well-prepared to embark on their new journey ahead.

    Thank you!



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