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Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra is a cosy centre with well-lit classrooms and a private outdoor play area. This latest addition to the Cambridge family is equipped with brand new facilities and ample learning resources, and under the care of an experienced team.

Conveniently located at the fringe of the city and next to Redhill MRT Station, Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra resides within Artra, a residential and retail development. It provides premium pre-school programmes and child care services for the residents in the Alexandra area, as well as parents working in the nearby business parks and office buildings.


Celebrating Deepavali

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra children had a great time celebrating Deepavali.

Play Dough Circuits

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra K2 children learnt how to create a circuit to light up the lightbulb.

Supermarket Trip

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra K2 children learnt the concept of money and went on a supermarket trip to make a small purchase.

Trip to Hort Park

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Arta Alexandra Toddlers had an educational and fun-filled trip to Hort Park.

Building Structures

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra K1 children learnt to build tall buildings using different manipulatives.

News Article – Future-ready Food

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra K2 children read and discussed the recent news articles on how Singapore is serving up future-ready food in line with their iSTEAM topic exploration on…

Chinese Vocabulary – Small, Medium and Big

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

Through a story, the Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra N1 children learnt the Chinese vocabulary for small, medium and big.

Learning about Traffic Rules

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra N2 children discussed traffic accidents caused by bicycles occupying bus lanes.

‘Zoo Animals’ Sensory Play

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra Toddlers are learning about ‘Zoo Animals’. With their teacher’s guidance, they mixed water, food colouring, and gelatine to create a sensory tub.

‘Line Monsters’

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

Our Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra K1 children made ‘Line Monsters’ using different art media and techniques.

Earth Day

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra celebrated Earth Day with each class engaging in different activities to commemorate this day. The Toddlers did a simple Earth craft using ziplocks and paint.

Celebrating Easter Day

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra held an Easter Day Celebration in school with the children.

Creating Beautiful 3D Rainbow Arc

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra N2 children learnt about the seven colours of the rainbow and its sequence.

Water Play

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

The Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra Toddlers had a splishy-splashy good time during their water play. They washed the fruit and vegetable toys and played ring toss onto the elephant’s trunk.

Pre-iSTEAM – Hot and Cold

Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra | No Comments

For their Pre-iSTEAM lesson, the Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra N1 children explored hot and cold temperatures.


  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-asher

    “The school created enriching learning experiences for our son.”

    Parents of Asher

    The school created enriching learning experiences for our son. The programmes offered in the school aid in developing my child holistically. We especially appreciate the friendly staff at Cambridge who shows great care for the well-being of the children. The constant communication between parents and teachers enables parents to be updated about the activities and lessons taught in school. It also puts parents at ease and assures them that the children are in a safe and conducive learning environment. He looks forward to waking up each day and learning something new. We are thankful to the staff of Cambridge Pre School for taking good care of our son.

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-timothy-samuel

    “Ever since my elder son transferred from his previous school, he seems more interested in learning and attending school!”

    Parents of Timothy and Samuel

    Thank you, Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra for providing such a lovely environment for our two sons. Ever since my elder son transferred from his previous school, he seems more interested in learning and attending school!

    We would like to commend the dedication of the teachers who have been very attentive towards the needs and development of my sons. Enabled by the regular and open communication channels between teachers and parents, we have seen improved harmony between in-school and in-home experiences for our sons. This really helps to reinforce their learning as well as social-emotional development, including basic things like toilet training. We even worked together with the teachers on strategies to manage my elder son’s strong emotions, and we are encouraged by the results!

    The curriculum at Cambridge is also carefully designed. In addition to the focus on bilingualism, the enrichment activities have also benefitted my sons greatly. Here’s a shout-out to Coach AK who conducts their football classes on Fridays! My sons speak fondly of their football classes, and they even enjoy a kick-about at home now (previously unimaginable when they were taught by Coach Papa)!

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-naraeyia

    “Cambridge’s curriculum is the cornerstone in our decision to enrol our child in their pre-school.”

    Parents of Neraeyia

    Cambridge’s curriculum is the cornerstone in our decision to enrol our child in their pre-school. In this ever-changing world, it is imperative that our child is equipped with the skills for the future, and that begins with a good foundation!

    After undertaking extensive research and comparing the options, Cambridge’s curriculum, in particular its focus on iSTEAM, provided exactly what we were looking for. We were ecstatic to know that Cambridge has a branch that is a stone’s throw away at Artra Alexandra and proceeded to enrol our child there.

    The friendly and professional staff at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra also affirmed our decision was the right one! The staff provides us with regular updates on what was (and will be) taught at school, and our child’s individual progress.

    When it came to areas that we could work on with our child, the staff at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra are knowledgeable and through discussions, provided us with various tools on how we can cooperate to address these areas. This cooperative approach underscores the importance of the close teacher-parent relationship that is essential, in ensuring consistency in our child’s learning and development.

    The activities organised by Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra should also be highlighted. Eric Carle’s ‘The Hungry Caterpillar ‘ is our child’s (and likely many other’s) favourite storybook. The recent celebration of Eric Carle day (week) is one example of the exciting activities our child is exposed to at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra. This allowed our child to experience the storybook from a different perspective.

    We also wanted our child to be able to truly play outdoors, rather than have ‘outdoor play indoors’. With its open air playground, Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra provides an ideal space for playing and learning outdoors, including learning to play soccer!

    The importance of a good foundation in a child’s learning and development cannot be overstated. It goes without saying, as parents, deciding which school to enrol our children into is no trivial matter. If you are considering a pre-school to enrol your child/children in, we highly recommend Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra!

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-remi

    “A school so open-minded and committed to embrace diversity.”

    Parents of Remi

    Rémi is a sweet and smart boy, even if it might not be the first impression that he gives. Often people stop at seeing a not well-behaved kid throwing tantrums. But for people who cares, will soon understand his internal struggles from autism and all the incredible talent underneath. Teachers at Cambridge @ ARTRA saw it and never complained about his behaviour.

    Rémi has started attending Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra as soon as it was opened. Like many other toddlers living along Alexandra View, it was a welcome relief to many working parents looking for a quality childcare establishment within walking distance from their home. Previously, he did not adapt well to his other full-day preschool where he began his infant care, as the teachers there adopted a rather stern and disciplining approach, that made him dislike and fearful going there, even as a 2-year-old. In contrast, Cambridge teachers showed more care and concern, and adapted instructions to Rémi’s needs. They seem to know very well each individual child, having regular communications with us over the app, and are very welcoming to receive us for face-to-face meetings.

    One of the many things that impressed us is Cambridge’s variety of curricula and activities, with optional enrichment classes in the classroom. Bringing up an autistic child like Rémi, it takes more patience and more strategy to entice him into other unfamiliar zones in iSTEAM and bilingual literacy. Since Rémi attended Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra, we observed many improvements on his communication, his behaviour, his languages, and social skills.

    We are very grateful to the school for their open-mindedness and accommodation for kids with special needs — from communication to toilet training to daily fetching from his early-intervention school-bus drop-off point. We highly value the dedication and expertise of Cambridge educators. It is not that easy to find a school so open-minded and committed to embrace diversity. We fully recommend Cambridge to any parents who wish the best out for their own children.

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-ju kai

    “He is now very good at solving things and thinking outside the box.”

    Parents of Ju Kai

    It is exciting to hear what my child does in school. His teachers tries to make learning interactive and engaging to capture their attention even when the class is an older aged group. He showed improvements in his communication and academic skills. Despite him being a slow learner, they always try to spare some one to one attention to explain the concepts clearly to him. Constant encouragement and positive pushing from his teachers made him worked hard to try his best in everything that he does. Not only does the teachers give him the support, but they also give parents the support and assurance with regards to understanding our child’s development and how we as parents can help him from home.

    With iSTEAM at Cambridge, it allowed my child to explore, make mistakes and figure out a way to solve the challenges given to them. He is now very good at solving things and thinking outside the box. He practiced what he has learnt in school at home. He picked up the soft skills of problem solving through these experiments. His teachers mentioned that he is always so excited to answer in class as he gained confidence over time. He has also shown leadership skills during these experiments as he initiates to participate in the given tasks.

    Transiting my child into Cambridge was one of the best decisions I have made for him as I see how much he could learn in school and how he has grown to develop many other sets of skills alongside his academic skills. I am truly grateful for the effort and patience the teachers has towards my child.

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-eilyani

    “After 3 months, I could see improvement in her English language.”

    Parents of Eilyani

    Eilyani has always been in a Malay environment Centre since her Toddlers class.

    When she first started in October 2021, she cried and was reluctant to come to school. I guess she was having a culture shock. I vividly remembered reassuring her that everything will all be alright. She will have new friends and teachers.

    She didn’t speak much in school as she was not comfortable speaking in English as her language and vocabulary were limited. Her main language is Malay.

    Now, 3 months after, I could see her improvement in her English Language. She was conversing more in English confidently at home and in school, even in public.  Cambridge Preschool not only focuses on improving my girl’s areas of concern, language but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide thorough academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. I am so pleased.

    My many thanks to everyone at the Cambridge School who took my reserved, insecure child and helped her flourish and become a self-confident individual. It is a partnership at Cambridge has given to us parents.

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-jade

    “Our LO now regularly identifies “machines” and other STEM concepts she has learnt in school everywhere she goes.”

    Parents of Jade

    We enrolled our LO earlier this year when we shifted house. We had some initial uncertainties about signing up for a brand-new centre, and also whether our LO could adjust to the different curriculum and environment. However, thankfully our LO has transitioned seamlessly – she is actively learning and found a very beloved group of new friends and teachers to hang out with every day.

    We like that Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra has put together a variety of interactive ways of engaging our LO and her friends to build up their critical thinking, creativity, leadership and confidence – show and tell sessions, baking, arts and crafts, patterning, coding, structured class role rotations, and etc. The outcomes speak for themselves – our LO now regularly identifies “machines” and other STEM concepts she has learnt in school everywhere she goes – and she takes the time to explain these to my spouse and I in extensive details!

    Furthermore, we get a window into how our LO is doing in school, through the very regular updates that the school puts together whether over the app or parent-teacher sessions. The staff are very approachable, and proactively reach out to keep us posted on any developments that may arise during the day.

    Environment wise – it’s been great! Our LO (who can be a picky eater) is a fan of the thoughtful menu put together for the children, and enjoys the outdoor sessions (e.g. water play and exercise). The availability of an outdoor area within the enclosed compound of Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra was a key consideration for us, as we did not want our LO to be only in an air-conditioned environment throughout the day. At the same time, less concern about having to travel in and out of the centre especially during this unprecedented COVID period.

    All these would not be possible without the leadership of principal Miss Aisyah, former principal Miss Ria, and all her teachers (including her form teachers Miss Tina and Yu Lao Shi/Liu Lao Shi). Thank you for the awesome work you guys do in creating such an awesome and nurturing environment for our LO and her friends every day.😊

  • artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-mia

    “We’ve also seen a massive step up in her communication, curiosity and approach towards learning new things.”

    Parents of Mia

    We can’t thank Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra enough for how they’ve supported Mia in her development at such a young age. We’re not only excited to see what she’s learnt at school every day but in the time she’s been at Cambridge Pre-school, we’ve also seen a massive step up in her communication, curiosity and approach towards learning new things.

    My wife and I are appreciative of the communication through Parent CommApp. We look forward to reading the weekly class updates and seeing Mia’s pictures to see what she’s been up to this week. The advice on where we can help her revise her learning for the week is great – whether shapes, animals, songs or letters of the alphabet.

    All the team are very helpful, approachable and always super friendly with big smiles and enthusiasm when greeting Mia at the entrance which is great to see that we’re leaving our little madam in very capable and caring hands every day.

    The enrolment process was pain-free and very straightforward and the way they’ve handled government-imposed restrictions and processes throughout the Covid pandemic has been very smooth.

    Enrolling Mia into Cambridge Pre-school was the best decision we could’ve made for Mia’s growth, learning and development. It’s been a wonderful journey so far.

    Thank you Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra team for all your hard and great work and we’re excited to see Mia develop the foundations to become a Future Engineer!

  • artra-alexandra-mother-testimonial-jeriel

    “We’ve seen tremendous improvements and noticeable developments in our son.”

    Mother of Jeriel

    We got to know Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra during their first open house late last year. At first, we chose this Cambridge Pre-school centre due to the fact that we live just beside and hence it will be very convenient for us. We are glad that indeed we have made the right choice in putting our son, Jeriel to the hands at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra.

    Soon after, we got to know the teachers and they are indeed very passionate in their teaching and always go above and beyond in a lot of situations. We want to specifically show our gratitude to teacher Cecille and Wang Laoshi, who are our son’s teachers. They are always at their best to make our child feels comfortable in a new environment and are very accommodative to all of our son’s needs. Indeed, we have seen tremendous improvements and noticeable developments in our son after joining the lessons at this Cambridge Centre. Our son enjoys school so much and keeps looking forward to school every day.

    Kudos to all the teachers at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra including principal Aisyah and Ms. Celine in providing a joyful environment for all the children to learn and play. Keep it up!



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