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Cambridge @ ROBERTSON

Cambridge @ Robertson is our flagship preschool centre that is conveniently located along River Valley. Catering to both local and expat families in the area, it offers parents the option of Chinese and Japanese as a second language for their children. The diversity in culture is embraced and celebrated at the centre, giving children opportunities for inter-cultural interactions.

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Mother’s Day Celebrations

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Cambridge @ Robertson celebrated Mother’s Day with a relaxing morning at the Flower Dome within Gardens by the Bay!

Setsuban Festival

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The Cambridge @ Robertson children celebrated Setsubun Festival today!

“Under the Sea Fantasy Ball” Celebration

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The Cambridge @ Robertson children had a whale of a time at our “Under the Sea Fantasy Ball”.

Exploring Structures

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The Cambridge @ Robertson N2 children are exploring structures. They first built a square using a construction learning resource.

Mid-Autumn Celebration

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The Cambridge @ Robertson children celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival today!

Harvesting from Our Smart Garden

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 class harvested basil and sage from the Smart Garden and made delicious and nutritious Tomato and Herb Pasta.

Future World Exhibition Excursion

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As an extension of their coding lessons, the Cambridge @ Robertson N2 to K2 children headed the to Future World exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.

Fashion Designing

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For their final project, the Cambridge @ Robertson K2 children nurtured their interest and skills in fashion designing.

Animal Resort

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The Cambridge @ Robertson toddlers and N1 children had an amazing time at the “Animal Resort”.

Tanabata Star Festival

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The Cambridge @ Robertson children celebrated Tanabata Star Festival today! The Tanabata tradition is a mix of Chinese legends that were brought to Japan in the nara period.

National STEAM Day

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In commemoration of National STEAM Day, the Cambridge @ Robertson participated in a series of STEAM-inspired activities.


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Halloween is a holiday of fun and creativity. The Cambridge @ Robertson children enjoyed letting their imaginations run halloween-y this time of the year!

Children’s Day

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At Cambridge @ Robertson, we recognise that today’s children will be the global force of the future.

Mid Autumn Festival

Cambridge @ Robertson | No Comments

Family and friends, lantern processions and oh-so-sweet mooncakes are three things that make the Mid-Autumn Festival one of the loveliest Chinese festivals for the children of Cambridge @ Robertson.

We Are Singapore!

Cambridge @ Robertson | No Comments

Cambridge @ Robertson marks Singapore’s 53 years of independence with a heartfelt rendition of “We Are Singapore”! Click on the 360° video and move your screen around.

Celebrating Easter Day

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The Cambridge @ Robertson children had an “egg-citing” day celebrating Easter.

Science Centre

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 and K2 children stepped into Science Centre for a day of exploration!


  • robertson-testimonial-suzuki lily anna

    “We were looking for a preschool with a Japanese language class.”

    Parents of Suzuki Lily Anna

    We decided to enroll our child in Cambridge Pre-school when she was 18 months old because we were looking for a preschool with a Japanese language class.

    Cambridge preschool is a local preschool, but there are two Japanese teachers stationed every day, which is very encouraging to consult in Japanese.  The former teachers often send us many pictures, so the whole family can share and enjoy how she is enjoying school life.

    The curriculum is also exciting, and my child has a lot of full-fledged experiences even though she is still a toddler. Our child is a bit shy, but we are relieved to see her smiles and interact with her teachers and friends.

  • robertson-testimonial-koto fukuda

    “I look forward to the photos of activities and work that my child brings back at the end of the month.”

    Parents of Koto Fukuda.

    The teachers are friendly, so our child enjoys going to the kindergarten.  The curriculum is solid, and it seems that my daughter enjoys learning, learning with hands, and experiential learning with all five senses.  I look forward to the photos of activities that teachers uploaded and the work that my child brought back at the end of the month.  Above all, it is very encouraging as Japanese parents that there are Japanese teachers who stay in the center daily to support the children and the family.

  • robertson-testimonial-4a

    “She brings home all kinds of STEM terminology that she applies to various aspects of daily life

    Mother of Lucy

    Lucy’s father and I have loved watching Lucy blossom before our eyes over the last year she has spent at Cambridge Robertson Walk. Not only does she bring home all kinds of STEM terminology that she applied to various aspects of daily life (such as identifying the pulley system she sees in constructions cranes and curtain cords, stump us with her new Mandaring vocabulary, as well as introduce us to games and toys from Japanese Culture from the weekly culture class, but she also has evolved into a more assertive and socially bold kid. We are so grateful for the learning sanctuary Cambridge provides, and feels so assured every time we receive thoughtful feedback from the teachers there

  • robertson-testimonial-4a

    “I’m so glad to see my son’s pictures at school”

    Parent of Senge

    First of all, thank you for all the care for my son. He already went to school for 2 months now and he loved it! He doesn’t speak well yet but when he comes back home after school, he sings a song to me and told me what he did in school 🙂

    I’m so glad that’s he was able to learn a lot at school. Also, I’m so glad to see my son’s pictures at school every day!

    Thank you for your continued support.

  • “An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ono Hiroyuki”

    Father of Azumi and Meiko

    We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Ono Hiroyuki, whose children are studying at Cambridge Pre-school, for sharing his children’s experiences with Cambridge Pre-school and to reaffirm our belief that we have made a difference in the lives of the children under our care. Thank you.

  • robertson-testimonial-4a

    “…he was a ‘Mr. No’ child, but now he is a confident boy.”

    Ms Chua Chew Peng, Mother of Hector Lee

    Time flies .. Hector will be graduating end of this year with Cambridge @ Robertson. I share with him the same mixed feelings, excited that he will be entering a new milestone but sad that he is leaving the school soon.The past 3 years had been an excellent experience for Hector. Besides the fundamental academic curriculum, the school cultivates real-world skills through project work.   With a different theme topic in each term, Hector learns and develops valuable skill that enables him to communicate, collaborate, manage changes and being creative which are essential skills to prepare him for tomorrow’s world. He has also established strong friendship with his classmates.  He would share about his interaction with them in class, whose birthday is coming and what snacks to buy for his friends when they have an outings.  This is necessity for a healthy psychological development and I am glad Hector is coping this very well.

    We would like to convey our appreciation to ALL teachers and staffs who have been part of his life for the last 3 years. They took great efforts to understand each and every child’s unique personality and nurture them. I remembered very clearly when Hector first started with Cambridge, he was a “Mr. No” child, but now he is a confident child who has the necessary skills to move forward to the next stage.

  • robertson-testimonial-1

    “…the diversity of cultures…made the school even more interesting!”

    Rita Noyce, Mother of Adam & Emma

    It’s been a lovely experience being part of the Cambridge family.

    The diversity of cultures among students and teachers has made the school even more interesting!

    As a parent, it has been so rewarding seeing how Adam has become a very confident and independent person. For all this, thanks to the experience teachers. They have always been so caring, supportive and friendly.
    From Adam’s first day of school, all the teachers made him/us feel very welcomed. We could feel the homely environment and we knew without doubt that we had made the right choice for our son.

    The variety of activities, projects, outdoor visits and so on, have been great not only for Adam but for the rest of our family. As a parent, being able to participate in some of these activities has also being fantastic! We have had the pleasure to meet other parents and got to know the teachers a little bit more.

    Adam will miss Cambridge so much but he will always have unforgettable memories with his dear friends and teachers. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for helping Adam become the boy he is now.

  • robertson-testimonial-3

    “…an authentic learning experience.”

    Parents of Faaiz & Zara

    Cambridge @ Robertson has been more than a school for our children. It has not only been a memorable but also an authentic learning experience for them. The project based approach is truly helpful in acquiring life long learning skills based on the real world scenarios and environment. Each term has something different and interesting to offer and look forward to. It has also opened up their minds to the whole new world through discovery, experimentation and learning. We love the way excursions, activities and events are organised per given topics. From languages to numbers to science to current affairs, the vast variety of topics are covered during the year. It is also heartening to see how teachers and staff give individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills. Not only this, the teachers have really been instrumental in mental and physical development of our children as well as providing them with a loving and caring environment during these crucial years of their lives. Both Faaiz and Zara love the outdoors and water-sand-play too during the week. Zara thoroughly enjoys her ballet class as well. Every day, they have something new to share with us and talk about at home.

    The school also caters to different kinds of learners. For example, our son is more of a visual and auditory learner whereas, our daughter prefers to have a more hands-on experience and visuals. Not only this, they have also improved their imaginary as well as fine motor skills and we can see a difference over these years. Our son in K2 to some extent can read, write, draw and even take up group projects and talk about different topics in hand. They are able to speak well and have also gained confidence in interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds based on the mix of classmates and teachers they have in school. We are happy to see them acquiring multilingual skills too. They are both non-native speakers of Mandarin and their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills have dramatically improved over these years and so much so that they are ready to take it up as their mother tongue in primary school and onwards.

    Besides, we loved the idea of having technology – interactive board and a computer in each classroom to have a more immersive learning experience rather than just books. They are also taught to be fairly independent individuals. Our son’s habits have definitely improved. We, as parents, are extremely thankful to the teachers and school for their efforts in the best nurture of our children and look forward to even more exciting years ahead with our little daughter still in school while our son moving on to Primary 1 soon. Thank you so much everyone!



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  • Curriculum includes Japanese Culture Class
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