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In an era marked by technological advancements and globalisation in a rapidly changing world, it is time to change the way we think about education. The dream outcome for parents encompasses a holistic vision that goes beyond mere academic achievement. Your child needs to be equipped with essential skills to contribute meaningfully to society, innovate, and lead a fulfilling and successful life.

Your child can be ready for the future.

Discover our well-rounded innovative curriculum which focuses on empowering your child with:

Dream Outcome

Watch this video to discover some of the exciting iSTEAM learning experiences at Cambridge Pre-school!

Locate the nearest centre or if you share our vision of preparing our future generations for success, explore our franchise opportunity.

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5 Stars Reviews from Our Parents

The dedicated and caring staff go above and beyond to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere for the children. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, striking a perfect balance between education and play. As a parent, I appreciate the open communication and regular updates on my child's progress. Choosing this preschool has been a rewarding decision, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to other parents seeking a top-notch early childhood education for their little ones.

Melvin Lee

Have more than one kid attending this school. The teachers are really very caring and they know my kids well. They’ve got a great curriculum with fun activities, STEAM based yet but also many cultural/artistic activities. The in-house Chinese AI app is also very engaging and my kids have asked to play that at home all the time. School food menu is cooked in-house daily and is impressively healthy and varied.

Pei Lin Hu