Cambridge @ YIO CHU KANG

Situated within the cluster of Seletar landed housing, children enjoy free access in an area of outdoor play we are privileged to call our own.

We serve the young families of the community and that of Sengkang. Anchored by a team of dedicated teachers with years of experience, the school focuses on providing a warm, safe and creative environment conducive for children’s holistic development with values imbued.

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Mediacorp Studios

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The children at Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang went on a unique trip to learn more about the Media industry in Singapore. They had the opportunity to visit Mediacorp Studios...

Father’s Day Celebrations

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This Father's Day, the children at Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang showed their appreciation by presenting a performance as well as handmade crafts to their daddies. It was a day...

Easter Day Parent Involvement

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We are very blessed to have one of our parents volunteering her expertise in designing. She conducted an Easter Day Vinyl sticker making workshop with our K1 and K2 children....

Our Curriculum

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We provide children with many different real life experiences activities that the children can relate. With our well rounded curriculum, the children are able make sense of the real world....

Our Excursions

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We often link our excursions to our learning topics, this allows children to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are learning. The teachers and children will...

Confidence-building Opportunity

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we provide children with many opportunities for them to invite their teachers and friends to come into their little world. Our children presented their talents...

Home School Partnership

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we build very strong relationship with parents. Our parents are constantly involved in their children’s learning. They volunteered to be “Teacher for a day”, helping...


  • Yio-Chu-Kang-testimonial-3

    “…a fantastic choice for your child as they encourage outdoor, water, imaginative and creative play”

    Claire & Kevin

    When we walked through the doors at Cambridge Yio Chu Kang back in August 2017, a feeling of warmth and compassion greeted us.

    We’d been in Singapore for just less than a year and were looking for a school for our 2 year old little girl; we wanted to know that she would be looked after, kept safe, stimulated and encouraged to try new things whilst interacting with new friends.

    Teachers at Cambridge Yio Chu Kang did this; they allowed her to explore and play in an environment that challenges her yet makes her feel secure thus pushes her to grow more every day.

    Now we have our second daughter attending the centre, and her even more exuberant character is managed well and she comes home delighted from her day.

    The range of activities available makes Cambridge Yio Chu Kang a fantastic choice for your child as they encourage outdoor, water, imaginative and creative play.

    The teachers and carers are knowledgeable and our girls’ speech and language skills have developed immeasurably since attending.

    We have since had a third child and the centre have been fantastically supportive in their flexibility, thank you as without it, I would have had a difficult time transitioning to a mummy of 3 little ones.

    We are proud to be ‘Cambridge parents’!

  • Yio-Chu-Kang-testimonial-2

    “…Equipped with the confidence, social skills and motivation to learn.”

    Mother of Dean

    My journey with Cambridge started 7 years ago when my eldest, Dylan, entered Nursery 1. As a new and nervous parent, the teachers have shown great support to assure me that my boy is well taken care of. They will always keep me in the loop on how he is in school.

    I have seen how Dylan transformed under their dedicated care; from a terribly shy boy who cried daily, to one who looked forward to school.

    My youngest boy is now with Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang and the teachers have consistently deliver a high standard of care, engaging them in fun and educational activities as well as getting them ready for P1 education and life.

    It is through them that I learnt that being a childcare teacher is not just about fulfilling a job. It encompassed passion, love and patience to allow each and every child to blossom. Equipped with the confidence, social skills and motivation to learn, my boys had no problem accustoming to Primary 1.

    I strongly believe Dean, my youngest child, will be as well. I am proud of what my boys have achieved and I give my heartfelt thanks to the teachers and the principal!

  • Yio-Chu-Kang-testimonial-1

    “…always mindful of safety, treats each child as an individual.”

    Mother of Zara

    Zara has been with Cambridge since 2015 starting from Toddler class. Her learning journey ever since has been fun, creative & engaging. As parents, Cambridge is our comfort zone, knowing our precious daughter is learning and growing happily!

    In K1 now, Zara is happy! She has her buddies, enjoys Ah Yi’s healthy lunches and play time. She has options of enrichment programmes (that comes with instructors that Zara adores!), and the very interesting excursions! Most importantly, she is in the good hands of her teachers – always mindful of safety, treats each child as an individual, nudges them on reading/writing, and lets us know (in great details) areas she is good and needs to be improved. Then there is the Principal – Shermaine! Accommodating, yet firm. Always having the child’s interests at heart, leads the teacher to set a progressive curriculum, Shermaine plays a big part in creating the best environment for Zara.

    Our 9-year old Zachary, graduated from Cambridge in 2015, went through what Zara is going through now. Thankful to his teachers, through fun learning it aroused his interests & likings for languages especially Mandarin. This really helped in his transition to Primary school. And until today at Primary 3, Mandarin is his best & most loved subject!

    So we are lucky and extremely thankful to Shermaine and her gang of educators at Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang!



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