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Rita Noyce – Cambridge @ Robertson


“…the diversity of cultures…made the school even more interesting!”

Rita Noyce, Mother of Adam & Emma

It’s been a lovely experience being part of the Cambridge family.

The diversity of cultures among students and teachers has made the school even more interesting!

As a parent, it has been so rewarding seeing how Adam has become a very confident and independent person. For all this, thanks to the experience teachers. They have always been so caring, supportive and friendly.
From Adam’s first day of school, all the teachers made him/us feel very welcomed. We could feel the homely environment and we knew without doubt that we had made the right choice for our son.

The variety of activities, projects, outdoor visits and so on, have been great not only for Adam but for the rest of our family. As a parent, being able to participate in some of these activities has also being fantastic! We have had the pleasure to meet other parents and got to know the teachers a little bit more.

Adam will miss Cambridge so much but he will always have unforgettable memories with his dear friends and teachers. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for helping Adam become the boy he is now.