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Remi – Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra


“A school so open-minded and committed to embrace diversity.”

Parents of Remi

Rémi is a sweet and smart boy, even if it might not be the first impression that he gives. Often people stop at seeing a not well-behaved kid throwing tantrums. But for people who cares, will soon understand his internal struggles from autism and all the incredible talent underneath. Teachers at Cambridge @ ARTRA saw it and never complained about his behaviour.

Rémi has started attending Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra as soon as it was opened. Like many other toddlers living along Alexandra View, it was a welcome relief to many working parents looking for a quality childcare establishment within walking distance from their home. Previously, he did not adapt well to his other full-day preschool where he began his infant care, as the teachers there adopted a rather stern and disciplining approach, that made him dislike and fearful going there, even as a 2-year-old. In contrast, Cambridge teachers showed more care and concern, and adapted instructions to Rémi’s needs. They seem to know very well each individual child, having regular communications with us over the app, and are very welcoming to receive us for face-to-face meetings.

One of the many things that impressed us is Cambridge’s variety of curricula and activities, with optional enrichment classes in the classroom. Bringing up an autistic child like Rémi, it takes more patience and more strategy to entice him into other unfamiliar zones in iSTEAM and bilingual literacy. Since Rémi attended Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra, we observed many improvements on his communication, his behaviour, his languages, and social skills.

We are very grateful to the school for their open-mindedness and accommodation for kids with special needs — from communication to toilet training to daily fetching from his early-intervention school-bus drop-off point. We highly value the dedication and expertise of Cambridge educators. It is not that easy to find a school so open-minded and committed to embrace diversity. We fully recommend Cambridge to any parents who wish the best out for their own children.