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Parents of Reiwa – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

Reiwa @ Cambridge Serangoon Gardens

“Deeply grateful for your support in managing my child’s separation anxiety…”

Parents of Reiwa

As a new and first-time parent of our little girl who just turned 20 months old, we are pleased to mention that we have made the right choice in placing her at Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens.

We are appreciative of the constant updates on my little girl’s progress through Parent CommApp. We look forward to reading the daily routine care, weekly class updates and pictures to see what she has been up in school. This gives us strong assurance that our little one is in the good hands of the well-trained teachers while we are at work.

Special mention to Ma Lao Shi and Teacher Roan:

Thank you and we are deeply grateful for your support in managing my child’s separation anxiety when she first started playgroup at 18 months old!  Your amazing care and love towards Reiwa are truly exceptional! By taking into consideration the uniqueness of the child’s needs and through your conscientious patience, our little one is able to eat and sleep well and enjoy learning from the school activities! Apart from the regular updates, valuable advices from both of you have made our little one transitioned seamlessly. Indeed, we have seen tremendous improvements and noticeable developments in our little one after enrolling into this school.

The special and detailed attention, patience and great efforts by the teachers make school a wonderful learning place for our little one! All these would not be possible without the leadership of Principal Irene and all the teachers!

Thank You!