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Parents of Isabella Schiering – Cambridge @ Dairy Farm


“A Testimonial Dedicated to the Best Childcare our Daughter has ever been to!”

Parents of Isabella Schiering

We enrolled our daughter in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm for her final year of preschool. Although she spent only one year at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, she forged unforgettable memories during her amazing time spent in this wonderful childcare.

Everyone from the principal, to the teachers and cooking aunty under the wings of their loving and caring director, Ms Shermane, showed excellent teamwork, dedication and commitment. They encouraged each child to develop at their own pace because they truly believed that every child is unique and different in their own way.

Our daughter received excellent support from her form Teacher Iana and Chen Laoshi to integrate nicely into Cambridge and she looked forward to school everyday with her classmates and nurturing teachers. The school’s approach in project based work and ensuring daily outdoor activities along with frequent outdoor excursions kept our daughter in high spirits. The positive impact by the school turned her into a very well- rounded individual and she especially thrived in her social skills.

Another commendable component by Cambridge @ Dairy Farm is their excellent communication by their school staff on a daily basis. Besides daily verbal communication during drop off and pick up, they successfully adapted a communication app (CommApp) which provides regular updates about classroom activities and sometimes paired with photos. This gave us as parents opportunities to be involved in our daughter’s daily school life and also assured us that she was well taken care of in a safe learning environment.

To the wonderful team at Cambridge, thank you all so much and for making our daughter’s time there so happy. It was a pleasure to have been part of your school!