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Parents of Faaiz & Zara – Cambridge @ Robertson


“…an authentic learning experience.”

Parents of Faaiz & Zara

Cambridge @ Robertson has been more than a school for our children. It has not only been a memorable but also an authentic learning experience for them. The project based approach is truly helpful in acquiring life long learning skills based on the real world scenarios and environment. Each term has something different and interesting to offer and look forward to. It has also opened up their minds to the whole new world through discovery, experimentation and learning. We love the way excursions, activities and events are organised per given topics. From languages to numbers to science to current affairs, the vast variety of topics are covered during the year. It is also heartening to see how teachers and staff give individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills. Not only this, the teachers have really been instrumental in mental and physical development of our children as well as providing them with a loving and caring environment during these crucial years of their lives. Both Faaiz and Zara love the outdoors and water-sand-play too during the week. Zara thoroughly enjoys her ballet class as well. Every day, they have something new to share with us and talk about at home.

The school also caters to different kinds of learners. For example, our son is more of a visual and auditory learner whereas, our daughter prefers to have a more hands-on experience and visuals. Not only this, they have also improved their imaginary as well as fine motor skills and we can see a difference over these years. Our son in K2 to some extent can read, write, draw and even take up group projects and talk about different topics in hand. They are able to speak well and have also gained confidence in interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds based on the mix of classmates and teachers they have in school. We are happy to see them acquiring multilingual skills too. They are both non-native speakers of Mandarin and their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills have dramatically improved over these years and so much so that they are ready to take it up as their mother tongue in primary school and onwards.

Besides, we loved the idea of having technology – interactive board and a computer in each classroom to have a more immersive learning experience rather than just books. They are also taught to be fairly independent individuals. Our son’s habits have definitely improved. We, as parents, are extremely thankful to the teachers and school for their efforts in the best nurture of our children and look forward to even more exciting years ahead with our little daughter still in school while our son moving on to Primary 1 soon. Thank you so much everyone!