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Parents of Ember – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

Ember @ Cambridge Serangoon Gardens

“…teachers spent the extra effort and gave her one-on-one guidance”

Parents of Ember

Ember has been attending Cambridge since she was 20 months old. The teachers have been extremely caring and understanding. My daughter was anxious initially but grew very attached to the teachers in her toddler class. When she was a picky eater in N1, her teachers were patient and encouraging and managed to get her to try foods that she really did not feel comfortable with initially. In N2, she lagged behind her classmates in writing and alphabet recognition, so her teachers spent the extra effort and gave her one-on-one guidance whenever possible. They have encouraged her so much, especially when she wanted to give up her ballet enrichment class. The teachers provided regular updates in the curriculum covered. They also provided regular updates in the app, photos also shared in the app.

I would like to thank Principal Irene, Teacher Khin, Bian Laoshi, Teacher Denise, Teacher Edzel and Liu Laoshi for being so nurturing towards Ember. Her little brother will definitely be joining her soon.