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Parents of B.Nottle – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

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“Our children have definitely thrived in the Cambridge environment…”

Ben Nottle, Parent of Holly & Lucy Nottle

We are incredibly blessed to have our children attend Cambridge Preschool!
We have 2 children experiencing the Cambridge education at the moment. One is currently in Kindergarten One and had been with Cambridge since 2015 and the younger is in Nursery Two and joined Cambridge in 2016. Both our children have learnt so much and developed a sense of independence and pride about themselves. The teachers make the children feel special and unique whilst providing them the interpersonal skills and academic skills when they grow on to their next year. We have seen our girls grown more outspoken over the years and when they talk about their teachers and friends every day, we know they are happy and that is what is most important to us.

Having the children pick up the Chinese language is also something we look forward to in Singapore and they definitely did with the wonderful guidance of the teachers in Cambridge. They can speak Mandarin now and my older child can even read a few simple words.

Our children have definitely thrived in the Cambridge environment and we cannot thank all the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our children.