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Parents of Alice – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

Alice @ Cambridge Serangoon Gardens

“Alice always went to school with a smile.”

Parents of Alice

Dear Miss Irene and all teachers,

Today is Alice’s last day and it is with emotion that we will leave Singapore on next Sunday.

During these 2 years at Cambridge, Alice always went to school with a smile. For us, this is a great signal that she was happy to spend time at Cambridge with her teachers and friends.

As Miss Irene told me last time we met at school, Alice grew up very well during this time. She developed her social skills like being able to play in community, respect rules and persons in a given environment, she also developed her “manual skills” when building things… And on top of it, she learned how to speak English and Chinese, and we are sure a bit of Singlish 🙂

Thanks a lot for taking care of Alice during all this time, we will definitely remember that her first school was Cambridge in Singapore.

We will share with you a picture of our family with Alice wearing her uniform in the coming days.

We wish you all the best for the future,