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Parents of Ariel, Aerin & Aldren – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

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“…made a positive impact on all three of them.”

Parents of Ariel, Aerin & Aldren

We have three lovely children who studied at Cambridge Pre-school since they were 2-year old toddlers.

Ariel graduated from K2 in 2017, while Aerin and Aldren are still attending K1 and N2 respectively this year.

Ariel joined the school as a toddler in 2013, a shy and timid little girl who often cried in school and had strong separation anxiety. Fast forward to today, she is a fun-loving and out-going 7-year old, and someone who always looks forward to primary school to learn new things.

Aerin and Aldren have integrated well in Cambridge under the nurturing care of their wonderful teachers. They excitedly share about the content learnt in school, and interesting learning journeys that they go to during excursions. We are also kept updated of their learning and development through the communication app for parents.

We would like thank all the wonderful staff in Cambridge who have made a positive impact on all three of them during their formative years of early childhood.