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Parent of Aarav – Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens

Aarav @ Cambridge Serangoon Gardens

He understands that “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”.

Parents of Aarav

Being in Cambridge Serangoon Gardens has allowed Aarav to interact with friends and family in a cohesive manner. He has learnt how to negotiate and problem solve. He has learnt the concept of sharing. This has allowed him to recognise that if he shares, he will be able to have more toys and have more fun. Aarav has acquired the skill of working in pairs/small teams through building activities. He understands that “team work makes the dream work”.

His psychomotor skills in terms of his sense of balance and climbing obstacles has improved greatly. Having lessons that cater to these skills, such as TinyTots Soccer, we are able to see that he is more confident at the playground and is able to assess the risk mentally or verbalise his questions to find out the difficulty of the obstacles before attempting to climb it. His movement is better coordinated as well(hand-eye/foot-eye) .

He appreciates music and is able to catch tunes faster. Through songs that are repetitive and enjoyable, he is able to remember the title of songs and requests for it to be played at times. He also loves to move to the beat when encouraged. Aarav is also able to recognise the lyrics and sing along. For the songs he has watched the music videos of, he is able to visualise and verbalise the scene with the audio alone.

Aarav expresses his feelings (sad, happy, angry, upset) better. Through feedback from his teachers at Cambridge Serangoon Garden, we are able to, as parents and family, practise the communication skills taught to him. His ability to make himself understood through speech has improved greatly. He verbalises his likes/dislikes clearly.

Aarav’s fine motor and gross motor skills have improved. His grip and grasp has gotten stronger and he is able to pick/carry bigger items with little assistance. He was apprehensive when it came to playing with sand and slimy items when he was younger, but through the kinesthetic activities in school, where everyday objects such as ice cream sticks and finger painting is done, he has since become more confident. Overall, his muscular strength has improved greatly as he is able to perform daily tasks independently with little assistance.

Aarav’s knowledge about numbers and digits has also grown. He is able to count with his as the lift ascends to his house and will start recognising bus numbers as we drive along the roads. He pays attention to these details and is able to understand simple number concepts.

We believe that through these and many other activities in school, Aarav’s cognisance of his world and how to interact socially with the other children around him has increased. Being at Cambridge Serangoon Gardens has truly been and continues to be a great learning platform for Aarav in his journey as a toddler and beyond.