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Neraeyia – Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra


“Cambridge’s curriculum is the cornerstone in our decision to enrol our child in their pre-school.”

Parents of Neraeyia

Cambridge’s curriculum is the cornerstone in our decision to enrol our child in their pre-school. In this ever-changing world, it is imperative that our child is equipped with the skills for the future, and that begins with a good foundation!

After undertaking extensive research and comparing the options, Cambridge’s curriculum, in particular its focus on iSTEAM, provided exactly what we were looking for. We were ecstatic to know that Cambridge has a branch that is a stone’s throw away at Artra Alexandra and proceeded to enrol our child there.

The friendly and professional staff at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra also affirmed our decision was the right one! The staff provides us with regular updates on what was (and will be) taught at school, and our child’s individual progress.

When it came to areas that we could work on with our child, the staff at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra are knowledgeable and through discussions, provided us with various tools on how we can cooperate to address these areas. This cooperative approach underscores the importance of the close teacher-parent relationship that is essential, in ensuring consistency in our child’s learning and development.

The activities organised by Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra should also be highlighted. Eric Carle’s ‘The Hungry Caterpillar ‘ is our child’s (and likely many other’s) favourite storybook. The recent celebration of Eric Carle day (week) is one example of the exciting activities our child is exposed to at Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra. This allowed our child to experience the storybook from a different perspective.

We also wanted our child to be able to truly play outdoors, rather than have ‘outdoor play indoors’. With its open air playground, Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra provides an ideal space for playing and learning outdoors, including learning to play soccer!

The importance of a good foundation in a child’s learning and development cannot be overstated. It goes without saying, as parents, deciding which school to enrol our children into is no trivial matter. If you are considering a pre-school to enrol your child/children in, we highly recommend Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra!