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Mother of Kim Garam – Cambridge @ Dairy Farm


“They know all the children’s names in their school… interact very well with one another across different age groups.”

Mother of Kim Garam

More than a year ago, it was last year June, as our family decided to stay longer in Singapore, my husband and I decided to change our daughter’s school from Korean Church Kindergarten to a local pre-school. I started looking around to find Garam a new pre-school, bearing in mind we shouldn’t change our daughter’s environment too much, we needed to find the right school for her.

It was quite difficult to look for the right school for Garam. Whenever I went around to visit the pre-schools, I will bring Garam along for her to see and feel the environment as she will be the one going to school everyday once it is decided, hence it is important that Garam likes the school. Honestly, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm was the only school among 7 schools where Garam did not want me to carry her after we enter the school. She detached from me and walked around the classrooms on her own and she even went upstairs to the second floor to look around. I was feeling stressed and tired of having to carry Garam around when visiting schools as she does not feel comfortable and refused to be detached from me before I found Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. Some school did not have proper facility and some school did not have warm environment. I could feel it through the children and teachers’ faces.

However, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm was different from other schools. All the children look so vivid and active. They know all the children’s names in their school no matter how old they are, and the children interact very well with one another across different age groups. I liked to see the happy children and warm environment in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm.

When Garam just started to go to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, it took her some time to settle down as she had difficulties understanding and learning 2 new languages – English and Chinese at the same time as she was only conversant in Korean language. But in less than a month, Garam was eager to go to school every morning and she would want to “ran” to school – saying that her friends and teachers are waiting for her in school! She even got upset on Sunday mornings after finding out that she cannot go to school as the school is closed on Sundays.

We are very happy to see that our child enjoys going to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, and we really appreciate all the educators in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm who care for our child a lot!