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Mother of Emma & Aliena – Cambridge @ Dairy Farm


“…through a very diverse curriculum…from learning musical instruments…to experiencing the different national celebrations.”

Mother of Emma & Aliena

We are a family of 4, myself, Verena, originally from Germany, my husband Mark, originally from UK and our two daughters Emma and Aliena, today 7 and 5 years old.

We moved to Singapore 5 years ago and at that stage we were looking for a childcare for Emma, which was in walking distance from our home. We’ve found Cambridge @ Dairy Farm around the corner, which had just newly opened. Everything was so clean and new, there were only 4 children and the staff was very friendly. After a couple of trial morning sessions we didn’t hesitate to enrol our daughter in that childcare. We really liked the first impression it gave to us and it did tick all the boxes for us. We also liked the idea to have our Caucasian daughter in a local childcare, where she could learn Mandarin and embrace the local culture. Right from the start Emma enjoyed going to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm and their daily activities.

As soon as our second daughter turned 18 months we’ve enrolled her too and Aliena was very eager to accompany her older sister every day to school. By that time the student numbers had increased enormously and the students were split in different age groups.

7 months later we extended for both girls the morning sessions to the whole day program, which helped me to go easily back to work. Our daughters didn’t mind at all, as they now could spend the whole day with their school friends together and didn’t miss out on the afternoon activities. The following years Emma and Aliena were very proud of being part of the “Cambridge Family”.

Emma graduated from Cambridge @ Dairy Farm just after turning 6 years old. It was sad to leave her friends, who went to different primary schools, but she was thankful that she had such a great time with them over the last years. Me and my husband were so impressed, when we could hear her talking and singing in Mandarin. Aliena will turn 6 years next month and sadly will leave Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. She also will miss her friends and teachers, who were always so kind to her.

Our children learnt a lot at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. They were led through a very diverse curriculum and had so many different activities from learning musical instruments, having Sports lesson, going on fieldtrips, cooking and planting sessions to experiencing the different national celebrations.

Thank You to all the Great Teachers!