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Mother of Elyssa – Cambridge @ Sengkang


“The kids whom we saw in the centre, were all smiley and very caring towards their juniors…”

Mother of Elyssa

Sourcing for the most suitable childcare was of utmost importance to us when our daughter was born. We visited many centres and many did not meet our expectations. Some centres looked too dilapidated, some educators in the centres looked too unfriendly and grouchy, some did not have their own kitchen to prepare the meals. We finally found a suitable centre after some time – Cambridge @ Sengkang.

It fulfilled all our requirements! It had a cosy setup, all the educators in the centre looked professional, friendly and attentive to the kids’ needs, they have an engaging and interesting programme which we believed will prepare our child well for the future and last but not least the most important of all, what made us to choose this centre – the children in the centre. The kids whom we saw in the centre, were all smiley and very caring towards their juniors. A happy and nurturing environment, that was what we wanted our child to be in.

Though our child took some time to adapt to the environment, but with the dedication of the centre’s educators, she managed to love school, make friends and learn! We were put at ease while we worked, with regular updates from the school. The school took time to document our children’s progress and share these with parents regularly.

We were glad that we had chosen Cambridge for our child’s preschool years. She has turned from a shy toddler who feared going into school to a confident, sociable and bright child. Thank you to all the educators in Cambridge!