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Mother of Aiden – Cambridge @ Sengkang


“Many of them are role models and they make a huge difference in our child’s lives.”

Mother of Aiden

I am Joyce, K2 Aiden’s mum. First and foremost, I would like to thank the teachers from Cambridge @ Sengkang for this opportunity to give a thank you speech. Teachers shape the minds of our children and their future.

There really are no words to express my gratitude for all they do. Many of them are role models and they make a huge difference in our child’s lives.

I would especially like to thank Teacher Shirley and Yin Lai Shi for their passion, care and love for the children. They are strict like a Father and yet loving as a Mother and are always approachable. I always enjoy looking at the photos and videos shared by them through the Commapp. And I would relate and discuss with my Son about his project-based learning and show and tell. My Son really enjoys his learning with his Teachers and Friends. Teachers, we will always be thankful for all the hard work and efforts that the you have put in, for educating our young ones!

Today is a very special moment for all of us as our child is getting promoted to another level in his life. On the other hand, they are also leaving behind their favourite pre-school where they spent their most significant first six years. I wish to thank each and every one in Cambridge for creating such wonderful memories. Rest assured you have done an excellent job and our children are well-prepared to embark on their new journey ahead.

Thank you!