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Lakshyah – Cambridge @ Sengkang


“Cambridge preschool engages my daughter in countless activities that address cultural diversity, art, language, and fun!”

Parents of Lakshyah

Letting our children go out into the big world is never easy, and finding a place where your child can learn, grow and build the confidence needed to succeed in school is equally challenging.

The extra personal attention and strategies offered by the amazing teachers at the Cambridge preschool assists my daughter LAKSHYAH to receive more in depth instruction; engage in countless activities that address cultural diversity, art, language and fun!

The small class size enables the children to develop stronger social relationships and ultimately, they build a solid foundation that supports their future.

Thank you all for everything!! Our daughter is currently enrolled in the full-day program. Our family has had a fabulous experience and we are totally honored. We can definitely see the growth, learning, independence, above all CONFIDENCE in our daughter. Every staff member that we had the pleasure to work with has always had the best interests of our daughter’s long-term success in mind. Our daughter feels the school as her second home.

Totally surprised how much information and exposure our daughter has already learned through the two years. We enrolled for N1 and now we are successfully marching forward our N2 session ?. So proud to say that our daughter is comfortable is making her maiden attempt to talk in Chinese wherever possible even though there is not much support at home as we are totally new to the language. This makes us proud and special thanks to her language teachers for making this possible ?

Our special thanks to Teacher Lina, Teacher Sun Lao Shi, Teacher Asha, Teacher Yin Lao Shi and Yan Lao Shi who have been a major part of her growth and other staffs too for your extended support including our principal MS. Siti. Thankyou Ms. Siti for having such an amazing team!!