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Ju Kai – Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra

artra-alexandra-parents-testimonial-ju kai

“He is now very good at solving things and thinking outside the box.”

Parents of Ju Kai

It is exciting to hear what my child does in school. His teachers tries to make learning interactive and engaging to capture their attention even when the class is an older aged group. He showed improvements in his communication and academic skills. Despite him being a slow learner, they always try to spare some one to one attention to explain the concepts clearly to him. Constant encouragement and positive pushing from his teachers made him worked hard to try his best in everything that he does. Not only does the teachers give him the support, but they also give parents the support and assurance with regards to understanding our child’s development and how we as parents can help him from home.

With iSTEAM at Cambridge, it allowed my child to explore, make mistakes and figure out a way to solve the challenges given to them. He is now very good at solving things and thinking outside the box. He practiced what he has learnt in school at home. He picked up the soft skills of problem solving through these experiments. His teachers mentioned that he is always so excited to answer in class as he gained confidence over time. He has also shown leadership skills during these experiments as he initiates to participate in the given tasks.

Transiting my child into Cambridge was one of the best decisions I have made for him as I see how much he could learn in school and how he has grown to develop many other sets of skills alongside his academic skills. I am truly grateful for the effort and patience the teachers has towards my child.