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Jordanne – Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay


“The teachers are communicative, caring and gentle.”

Dawn, Mother of Jordanne

We enrolled our second daughter in Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay in 2020. And now our third daughter is attending the same infant care. We have had very positive experiences with the infant care at Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay. The teachers are communicative, caring and gentle. We get frequent updates through the communication app and that helps to assure us that our baby’s needs are being well taken care of. When my baby rejected the bottle at the start, the teachers were so patient and tried ways and means to patiently coax her to drink. I appreciated that a lot. In a span of just 3 months of starting infant care, I’ve also seen how my baby has adjusted socially. She’s not as anxious when carried by others and even grandparents have commented that infant care has done her a lot of good!