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Jade – Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra


“Our LO now regularly identifies “machines” and other STEM concepts she has learnt in school everywhere she goes.”

Parents of Jade

We enrolled our LO earlier this year when we shifted house. We had some initial uncertainties about signing up for a brand-new centre, and also whether our LO could adjust to the different curriculum and environment. However, thankfully our LO has transitioned seamlessly – she is actively learning and found a very beloved group of new friends and teachers to hang out with every day.

We like that Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra has put together a variety of interactive ways of engaging our LO and her friends to build up their critical thinking, creativity, leadership and confidence – show and tell sessions, baking, arts and crafts, patterning, coding, structured class role rotations, and etc. The outcomes speak for themselves – our LO now regularly identifies “machines” and other STEM concepts she has learnt in school everywhere she goes – and she takes the time to explain these to my spouse and I in extensive details!

Furthermore, we get a window into how our LO is doing in school, through the very regular updates that the school puts together whether over the app or parent-teacher sessions. The staff are very approachable, and proactively reach out to keep us posted on any developments that may arise during the day.

Environment wise – it’s been great! Our LO (who can be a picky eater) is a fan of the thoughtful menu put together for the children, and enjoys the outdoor sessions (e.g. water play and exercise). The availability of an outdoor area within the enclosed compound of Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra was a key consideration for us, as we did not want our LO to be only in an air-conditioned environment throughout the day. At the same time, less concern about having to travel in and out of the centre especially during this unprecedented COVID period.

All these would not be possible without the leadership of principal Miss Aisyah, former principal Miss Ria, and all her teachers (including her form teachers Miss Tina and Yu Lao Shi/Liu Lao Shi). Thank you for the awesome work you guys do in creating such an awesome and nurturing environment for our LO and her friends every day.😊