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Hailey Ho – Cambridge @ MacPherson


“Happy children are healthier, learn better, display more emotional literacy and are better behaved.”

Parents of Hailey Ho

When we chose Cambridge Pre-school, we were given a tour by the Principal for Cambridge @ Macpherson. We found that they provided a conducive, yet fun and interactive environment for kids to grow, play and learn.

Within a short period of 2 months, our daughter, Hailey had gained a lot of new knowledge in school, ranging from animals, colours, numbers, shapes and sizes to courtesy words like “Please” and “May I”. She is approaching 20 months old and she certainly enjoys the process of learning them all, under the guidance of Teacher Daphne and Teacher Miao Miao.

The communication channel between us, the teachers and principal was regular and constant. The Parent CommApp provided us with a platform to convey our messages to the Teachers. Through the app, we also received photo updates from teachers, and the teachers make conscientious efforts in updating us her daily progress in class personally as well.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the teachers and aunties here, as they are able to get Hailey to be exposed to more healthy and delicious food. Initially, she used to be a fussy and picky eater who is not receptive to new food items, but ever since she came to Cambridge Pre-school, she has become more willing to try and accept new food items, which in turn increased her appetite and contributed to her well-being.

As a Chinese saying goes, “活到老,学到老”. The learning journey may be endless, but the most important factor is that, Cambridge Pre-school is able to provide a happy learning environment, where children can learn happily in fun and interactive ways, together with their teachers and classmates. Happy children are healthier, as they are able to learn better, and display more emotional literacy; they also tend to be better behaved as well.

Under the principal’s leadership and guidance, we certainly feel that the team is closely bonded together like a family, as they helped one another out. Even with the ongoing pandemic outbreak, our hearts are certainly at ease putting Hailey in Cambridge Pre-school, knowing that Hailey is in good hands under the care and supervision of the team. We never regretted making the switch over to Cambridge Pre-school; it was certainly a wise move after all!