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Father of Jaylen – Cambridge@Fernvale


“…individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills.”

Father of Jaylen

The preschool years provide my child with opportunity to learn social skills, develop learning and build confidence. I’m glad Cambridge is well equipped with these facilities and Jaylen has blossomed and always eager going to school to learn and play with his friends. It’s indeed a pleasure to watch him grow.

The project based approach is truly helpful in acquiring life-long learning skills based on the real world scenarios and environment. Each term has something different and interesting to offer and look forward to. It is also heartening to see how teachers and staff give individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills.

Besides the fundamental academic curriculum, the school cultivates real-world skills through project work. With a different theme topic in each term, Jaylen learns and develops valuable skill that enables him to communicate, collaborate, manage changes and being creative which are essential skills to prepare him for tomorrow’s world. He has also established strong friendship with his classmates. He would share about his interaction with them in class, whose birthday is coming and what snacks to buy for his friends when they have an outing.

We, as parents, are extremely thankful to the teachers and school for their efforts in the best nurture of our children and look forward to even more exciting years ahead with our little daughter still in school.