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Chloe – Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay


“They always provide good advice and activity suggestions on how we can engage our daughters at home.”

Parents of Chloe

Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay teachers are warm and friendly. They always greet the children and parents warmly at the door and make us parents feel welcome and elicit the feeling of being a part of the school. A special shout out to the infant teachers for taking such great care of Chloe. I can see significant improvement in her gross motor skills and her ability to react to different social situations. The teachers are also very well-experienced and knowledgeable in their area of work as they always provide good advice of activities that we can engage our daughter at home or even how to start our daughter on solid feeding. I really enjoy the open communication with the teachers, and it almost feels like whenever we need help or assistance, the teachers are always there for us! Keep up the good work Cambridge teachers!