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Our K2 graduates from Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens had an awesome two-days and one-night graduation camp at Wings Over Asia. This is an Aviation hangar where all the privates planes are parked. Armed with their personalised journals, the children recorded what they saw and experienced. They were introduced to jet and propeller planes, and experienced being in the pilot’s seat of a propeller plane. They learnt how a propeller plane works and understood how the elevator and aileron is used to control the plane. The children also made a stop at the hangar and witnessed the refueling process of an plane. There were many craft activities to engage the children such as making a model of a plane and decorating water bottles and key chains. In the evening, children participated in an obstacles course and enjoyed an ice cream and marshmallow party. It was such a “sweet’ night for all of them as they settled down for a movie with popcorn. The next morning, they went for an exploration at the seletar playground and did an observational drawing. Our wonderful K2 campers were presented with a certificate for being great explorers and learners!