Nurture Unique Talents Through MI

Being exam smart or academically adept will not be sufficient for your child to succeed in the unpredictable future world. It is, therefore, necessary for your child to develop unique talents which will make him/her stand out from the rest.

At Cambridge Pre-school, we believe that each child is unique with his or her talents. Some children are good with language, others with numbers, music or art. There are also children who are good with people skills. In this competitive world, we nurture your child’s unique talents to give him or her, a competitive edge, especially in the future world. Besides, knowing that he or she is good in something is a great confidence booster and being confident will benefit other areas of life.



Professor Howard Gardner from Harvard University’s famous Theory of Multiple Intelligences states that every child has eight types of intelligences, namely spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, naturalist intelligence, linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligences and
bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. In every individual, some intelligences are more dominant than the others.

To develop your child’s unique talents, Cambridge Pre-school ensures that varied activities conducted during the day exercise these eight intelligences and strengthens your child’s dominant intelligences whilst enhancing his/her less-dominant ones to awaken them.

For example, under the topic “Animals”, a story on a particular animal is used to develop your child’s linguistic intelligence. Another activity will require your child to use his or her body to act out various animal movements and this develops their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. A craft activity using recycled materials to make an animal enhances his or her spatial intelligence. Singing an animal song and making various animal noises is incorporated to focus on your child’s musical intelligence development. Observing animal videos followed by a field trip to the zoo develops their naturalist intelligence. Raising funds and deciding which animal conservation funds to support develops your child’s interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. Grouping animals into various types (such as land, sea and air or the number of legs) is a logical-mathematical intelligence activity.