Cultivate Future Skills with Our iSTEAM Curriculum

The Power of An Inclined Plane

Discover what affects the speed and distance of a car on an inclined plane!

What Are Wheels And Axles?

Create a water wheel and understand how it works!

Pulleys To The Rescue

Explore how a pulley system can help lift heavy objects with ease.

How Does A Screw Work?

Learn how an Archimedes’ screw works.

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These are just some of the iSTEAM experiences that your child will be exposed to at Cambridge Pre-schools. Beyond cultivating future skills, our well-rounded curriculum also develops academic skills and nurtures unique talents through multiple intelligences.

Visit us to learn how we open doors of opportunities for your child. Sign up for a school tour today!

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Watch this video to discover some of the exciting iSTEAM learning experiences at Cambridge Pre-school!