Develop Academic Skills

Our curriculum covers the fundamental literacy skills of reading, writing and Mathematics. Building a solid foundation for your child in these areas is critical to his/her future academic success.




Our English Language and Literacy curriculum goes beyond teaching children how to read and write. Our literacy-rich environment provides children with experiences to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing into their everyday activities. Children have many opportunities to enjoy books, build vocabulary, articulate their thoughts in front of an audience, and practise creative writing. These additional skills build up your child’s confidence and enable your child to be lifelong readers, writers and communicators.




(Japanese is also available
at Cambridge @ Robertson.)

Bilingualism is a cornerstone of the education system and the way of life in Singapore. A strong Chinese language foundation is important for your child to be bilingual as studies have shown that English has become the language most spoken at home. Children who grow up bilingual are better able to seize opportunities in economic powerhouses such as China in the future.

Our Chinese language and literacy curriculum develops each child’s Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is also important that our children enjoy the language, develop confidence in using it and cultivate an appreciation of Chinese culture.



Our Mathematics curriculum offers learning experiences in Mathematics skills and reasoning with many opportunities to grasp Mathematical concepts. Our curriculum includes counting, measurement, comparing using number and word symbols, identifying and creating patterns, and familiarity with Mathematical language, money, and time. All these are hands-on experiences that enable your child to explore Mathematical concepts in a meaningful way.

These fundamental academic skills ensure that your child experiences a smooth transition to the more structured and skills-driven learning expectations in Primary school and beyond.




(Field Trips)

At Cambridge Pre-school, learning goes beyond the classroom. Knowledge comes to life when your child engages in a variety of real-life experiences, through adventure-filled field trips that are aligned with our curriculum. Your child would be able to connect classroom lessons with real world happenings. When that connectivity is made, a bulb lits up and the world suddenly makes more sense!