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The Cambridge @ Dairy Farm pre-schoolers embarked on a captivating learning journey to the ArtScience Museum to explore the exhibition of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo – “The Life of an Icon”. This unique experience provided our young learners with an introduction to the vibrant and emotive world of Kahlo’s art.

The children were treated to an array of Frida Kahlo’s fascinating works, including her vivid self-portraits and deeply personal paintings. The bold colours and rich symbolism in Kahlo’s art captured their imaginations, sparking curiosity and wonder. They learnt about Kahlo’s life and artistic style, discovering how she expressed personal experiences and emotions through art, including themes of identity, resilience and nature.

The highlight of the visit was seeing the children’s faces light up with excitement and pride as they engaged with the exhibits and created their own masterpieces. This enriching experience not only introduced them to the world of Frida Kahlo but also inspired them to explore their own creativity and imagination.