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Earth Day

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Our planet is an amazing place! However, it needs our help to thrive! That’s why, we commemorate Earth Day at Cambridge @ Robertson! The children were introduced to important concepts such as recycling, pollution, planting, composting, reusing, and conserving the use of energy. Special activity highlights like Earth Day poster making, limiting a class with only a bucket of water for hand-washing and turning off the lights for an hour inspired the children to appreciate and take care of the planet we live on. Happy Earth Day everyone!


Plant Experiment

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 children kicked start Term 2 with an experiment relating to what they see in their everyday environment. They planted their own green beans and observed how it grew day by day. It was an awesome experience for the children and deepened their understanding of how plants grow.


Home-school Partnership

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At Cambridge, we believe in fostering home-school partnership with parents. Our breakfast session with parents is one of the platforms that gives parents an opportunity to deeper understand our iSTEAM curriculum and even experience it. Our Cambridge @ Robertson K1 parents were awed with the DNA extraction of a tomato experience today. Thank you parents for taking time to join us!


Science Centre

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 and K2 children stepped into Science Centre for a day of exploration! The highlight of the trip was the Tinkering Studio where they applied the ISTEAM knowledge about simple machines that they have acquired in school to build incline planes and tracks. They also embarked on a journey to discover new knowledge as they visited many other exhibits such as human brains and body parts as well as aerospace. They were amazed and intrigued as they experimented and interacted with the exhibits.