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National STEAM Day

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In commemoration of National STEAM Day, the Cambridge @ Robertson participated in a series of STEAM-inspired activities. This form of education is deeply embedded in the Cambridge’s curriculum as we recognise the importance of preparing children for the future by prompting them with real-life problems and encouraging innovative children-led solution! Here are some snapshots of the children unleashing their creativity and engaging in meaningful activities covering Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.



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Halloween is a holiday of fun and creativity. The Cambridge @ Robertson children enjoyed letting their imaginations run halloween-y this time of the year! This year’s Halloween theme was “HOCUS POCUS, YOU’RE FAMOUS: A Hollyweird Halloween Party”. The children has an exciting and enjoyable experience dressing up in their exceptional costumes enthused from Hollywood movies and eating food inspired from famous Hollywood movies. The highlight of today’s event was the trick-or-treat activity in the comfort in the school. We would like to thank the Cambridge @ Robertson parents for their generous contribution of treats for this activity and dressing up their children. Your support made this day extra special and memorable for the children!


Children’s Day

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At Cambridge @ Robertson, we recognise that today’s children will be the global force of the future. Children’s Day was celebrated with a theme party, “What Would You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”, to encourage them to work towards their desired future. The children had a memorable day with a fashion parade, treasure hunt and outdoor picnic.


Cool de Sac

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Cambridge @ Robertson brought our children’s learning out of the classroom to the Cool-de-Sac playground. The children spent several fun-filled hours exploring the sprawling space with different play zones. They had a swinging good time at the Treehouse, tried out the big colourful slides, expressed their creativity at the arts corner and blocks section, and struck poses at the backstage area. Everyone had a great time!


Mid Autumn Festival

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Family and friends, lantern processions and oh-so-sweet mooncakes are three things that make the Mid-Autumn Festival one of the loveliest Chinese festivals for the children of Cambridge @ Robertson. As part of our celebration, the children went on a lantern parade around the Robertson Walk area, accompanied by the teachers and some of their parents. The highlight of the celebration was making mooncakes from scratch! This celebration was indeed more than just about savouring mooncakes and creating our own lanterns, it was about spending time together with our Cambridge family and friends.


Celebrating Grandparent’s Day

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Our grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer. In celebration of Grandparent’s Day, the Cambridge @ Robertson children made personalised craftworks to thank their grandparents for all they have done and the love they have showered on them. Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Extracting DNA

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 children are learning about DNA. They were totally focused on carrying out the experiment to extract the DNA of a human and a tomato. It was such an intriguing experience for them!


Earth Day

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Our planet is an amazing place! However, it needs our help to thrive! That’s why, we commemorate Earth Day at Cambridge @ Robertson! The children were introduced to important concepts such as recycling, pollution, planting, composting, reusing, and conserving the use of energy. Special activity highlights like Earth Day poster making, limiting a class with only a bucket of water for hand-washing and turning off the lights for an hour inspired the children to appreciate and take care of the planet we live on. Happy Earth Day everyone!


Plant Experiment

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 children kicked start Term 2 with an experiment relating to what they see in their everyday environment. They planted their own green beans and observed how it grew day by day. It was an awesome experience for the children and deepened their understanding of how plants grow.