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National STEAM Day

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Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens celebrated “National STEAM Day” by a variety of iSTEAM activities. The toddlers were fully immersed in discovering how magnets work. As for the N1 children, they explored with colours as they witnessed the cause and effect reaction caused by the mixing baking soda with vinegar. The N2 children were amazed with the Magic Milk activity. They placed cotton swabs with dish soap into the milk and observed how soap molecules moved around and attached to the fat molecules in the milk. The K1 children had fun with a cardboard roll marbles building activity where they observed the movements of marbles. For our K2 children, they were challenged to build a bridge that could withstand the weight of 50 dominos using ice cream sticks. It was indeed an engaging and exciting activity day for all!”



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Halloween was a spellbinding affair at Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens! There were very happy Superheroes, Witches, Vampires, Zombies and other interesting characters that paraded on the catwalk. Excited and happy faces were seen as children posed for photographs and showcased their colourful costumes. The winners of the Best Costumes were presented with a bag full of treats. The children and teachers also shared some healthy Halloween snacks contributed by our generous parents. May you all have a Happy Halloween as we did!


iSTEAM – Structures

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The iSTEAM topic for this term is on Structures. The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens K2 children were introduced to what buildings and skyscrapers are, and how columns and beams support structures. In groups of three or four, they worked on designing and constructing a structure using straws and pipecleaners. It was a great team effort by the children and they were so proud of their completed structures!


Wings Over Asia

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Our K2 graduates from Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens had an awesome two-days and one-night graduation camp at Wings Over Asia. This is an Aviation hangar where all the privates planes are parked. Armed with their personalised journals, the children recorded what they saw and experienced. They were introduced to jet and propeller planes, and experienced being in the pilot’s seat of a propeller plane. They learnt how a propeller plane works and understood how the elevator and aileron is used to control the plane. The children also made a stop at the hangar and witnessed the refueling process of an plane. There were many craft activities to engage the children such as making a model of a plane and decorating water bottles and key chains. In the evening, children participated in an obstacles course and enjoyed an ice cream and marshmallow party. It was such a “sweet’ night for all of them as they settled down for a movie with popcorn. The next morning, they went for an exploration at the seletar playground and did an observational drawing. Our wonderful K2 campers were presented with a certificate for being great explorers and learners!


Happy Children’s Day

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Dressed in their favourite outfits, the children of Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens celebrated Children’s Day with fun and frolic. Celebrations began with exciting games prepared by the teachers. The school was abuzz with giggles and laughter as the children played “Indoor Bowling”, “Bean Bag Knock Down Game”, “Steal the Bacon”, “Pin the Star on Captain America’s Shield”, and “Musical Islands”. After a morning of fun and games, the children headed back to their classrooms where they enjoyed special treats and received little gifts from their teachers. Happy Children’s Day!


Happy Grandparent’s Day

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The grandparent-grandchild bond is special. The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children spent a morning celebrating with and honouring their grandparents for all their love and care. It was heartwarming to see our little ones singing their favourite songs and presenting a little handicraft to their grandparents with lots of hugs and kisses exchanged. Our older children were even more demonstrative in their love and affection as they swung and shook along with the music with their grandparents during a ‘Zumba’ session, before presenting them with a token of love which they created. Their grandparents were so touched and their faces were radiant with joy. The importance of grandparents in the children’s lives was so evident at this celebration!



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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens K1 and K2 children had a fun day learning at KidZania! The children were immersed in the realistic role-play stations and participated in diverse occupations in a hospital, dental clinic, bakery, police and fire station, bank, convenient store, and even a chiropractic clinic! It widen their perspectives of the different ways they can contribute to the world when they grow up and set them thinking about what they would like to be in the future.


Loving Our Pets

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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens N2 children were introduced to the different types of pets for the topic ‘Loving Our Pets’. They learnt about the responsibilities involved in owning pets and the care that different parts require. The children were excited to meet the pets that were brought into the classroom and interact with them up close and personal. The children also happily shared about their own pets with their friends.


Farm Excursions

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children took a trip to Hay Dairies Goat Farm and Quan Fa Organic Farm to learn how some of our food such as milk and vegetables are created. It was an eye-opening experience for the children to observe the goat milking demonstration. They were fascinated to see different types of goats and had hands-on experience feeding grass to the goats! They also visited the vegetable farm and learnt about the various vegetables and their process of growth. Everyone, including the parents accompanying their toddlers, enjoyed themselves.