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Sensory Walk

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang toddlers are exploring their 5 senses this term. Their teacher created a sensory walk using boxes and different materials to let the children explore their sense of touch. The activity aroused the children’s curiosity and many stopped to touch the materials and requested to go again! Their teacher also used the opportunity to teach them about textures and sensory attributes like cold, warm, squishy and hard.


Blubber Experiment

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang K2 children were marvelling on how animals from the Arctic and Antarctic spend their lives surviving in a subfreezing air temperature and frigid water. A “Blubber Experiment” was set up to help the children understand that the mammals’ thick layer of body fats helped them to endure the cold climate. Through the experiment, the children experienced what it was like to take a dip in cold water without turning into a human popsicle!