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Mediacorp Studios

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The children at Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang went on a unique trip to learn more about the Media industry in Singapore. They had the opportunity to visit Mediacorp Studios and got to tour the different sets used in TV dramas, the News Media Centre as well as the Radio station. They had great fun pretending to be actors/actresses, newscasters and DJs. Walking down the memory lane of Mediacorp, the children saw how technologies have advanced over the years. They also got to read off a teleprompter, act on 3D sets and experience wearing virtual reality glasses.


Father’s Day Celebrations

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This Father’s Day, the children at Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang showed their appreciation by presenting a performance as well as handmade crafts to their daddies. It was a day well spent with activities such as slime and sandwich making and telematches, which were perfect for bonding :)


Easter Day Parent Involvement

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We are very blessed to have one of our parents volunteering her expertise in designing. She conducted an Easter Day Vinyl sticker making workshop with our K1 and K2 children. The children had lots of fun designing their Easter eggs and bunnies.


Our Excursions

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We often link our excursions to our learning topics, this allows children to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are learning.

The teachers and children will take time to plan the process of excursion; before, during and after the trip. Before the trip, the teachers and the children will preparetheir goals and questions they want to achieve for the trip.

During the trip, they will learn from the experts from the field and explore real life experiences. And after the trip, the class will recap and related their trip to what they learnt in class.


Confidence-building Opportunity

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we provide children with many opportunities for them to invite their teachers and friends to come into their little world.

Our children presented their talents during our Cambridge Talent Show. Being centre of attention for a couple of minutes will make them feel special and important. These emotions make them feel more confident and valued. Further social skills are learnt; for the speaker, there is encouragement to ensure that their performance/information gets to the audience. For the audience, discipline and respect for others is strengthened throughout the process.

Our show and tell sessions also gave our children a chance to show off their “personal possessions”. These early language experiences help to build effective communication and listening skills. As our Show and Tell sessions are aligned with our curriculum, it helps to solidify important home-school partnership.


Home School Partnership

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we build very strong relationship with parents. Our parents are constantly involved in their children’s learning. They volunteered to be “Teacher for a day”, helping out in excursions, participating in school’s events and constantly sharing their children’s learning with the teachers.