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Loving Our Pets

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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens N2 children were introduced to the different types of pets for the topic ‘Loving Our Pets’. They learnt about the responsibilities involved in owning pets and the care that different parts require. The children were excited to meet the pets that were brought into the classroom and interact with them up close and personal. The children also happily shared about their own pets with their friends.


Farm Excursions

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children took a trip to Hay Dairies Goat Farm and Quan Fa Organic Farm to learn how some of our food such as milk and vegetables are created. It was an eye-opening experience for the children to observe the goat milking demonstration. They were fascinated to see different types of goats and had hands-on experience feeding grass to the goats! They also visited the vegetable farm and learnt about the various vegetables and their process of growth. Everyone, including the parents accompanying their toddlers, enjoyed themselves.


Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children went on a field trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. They had fun exploring the great outdoors and discovering various plants. The highlights of the trip were crossing the suspension bridge, playing in the tree house and going through the garden maze. What a great time they had!


Easter Day Celebrations

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Our Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children had a blast doing various artworks in celebration of Easter. They had tremendous fun making colourful and spring-themed crafts such as Easter eggs and Easter Bunny masks for their role play sessions. They also proudly to decorate their classrooms with their masterpieces. Happy Easter everyone!


Cold Storage Excursion

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In line with the topic on “Nutritious and Delicious”, the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children headed to Cold Storage at Heartland Mall to explore the different types of food sold at the supermarket. With great excitement, they selected and purchased their favourite healthy food on their own. The experience gave them a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thank you Cold Storage!


iSTEAM Curriculum

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As the Cambridge@Serangoon Gardens K1 children become more and more excited about our new iSTEAM curriculum, their exploration on another simple machine made it more significant! They explored the concept of a screw, looked at different screws around them and then focused on the usefulness of an Archimedes’ Screw. The children set up a class-made Archimedes’ Screw and tested it out. They were all so amazed at how water could travel from a low point to a higher point with just a few turns of the screw! The learning never ends with fun activities like these!


Book Dress-up Day

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As a culminating activity on their exploration about Animals, the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens Toddlers and K2 children held a “Book Dress-up Day”. Children were encouraged to come to school as their favourite animal character for this show and tell activity. They brought their favourite book to share with their friends. They ended the activity with light snacks following the theme on animals.


The City

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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children continued to explore the topic “Our Special World” by making a field trip to “The City”, an interactive learning playground. There, they were given the opportunity to try out different roles and professions in a fun and safe environment. The children transformed themselves into cooks, cashiers, doctors, nurses and policemen. They dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits, drove on mini streets and explored small-scale real-life location, such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon and clinic. Creativity and imagination were encouraged. It was indeed a fun experience for them!



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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children had the opportunity to make their own pizza. The hands-on experience at Doughworkz nourished their minds and bodies. They learnt fun facts about food preparation and equipment that expanded their knowledge on food. It was also a fun and relaxed way for the children to exercise their motor skills.