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National STEAM Day

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Over at Cambridge @ Sengkang, the children celebrated National STEAM Day with interesting projects such as creating their own emoji thaumatrope optical illusion toy and watercolour house, investigating which object rolls down a slope faster and putting together a gliding robot that can climb any wall. What a happy iSTEAM day they had!


Happy Halloween

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children had a “spooktastic” Halloween celebration. The children showcased their costumes to their friends and played games such as Egg Racing and Spider Web Toss. Last but not least, they went trick-or-treating from classroom to classroom. Happy Halloween everyone!


Aerospace Museum

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children has a flying start to this term with a visit to the Aerospace Museum at Seletar. They learnt about the history of aviation, parts of an aeroplane and how an aeroplane works. The children had fun creating their own aeroplane with ice cream stocks and clothes pegs. The highlight of the trip was definitely the opportunity to be in the pilot’s seat and moving the yoke stick to “steer” the aeroplane!


Mid-Autumn Festival

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Did you see the full moon shining brightly last night? The Cambridge @ Sengkang children were beaming brightly with happiness even though they celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival during the day. They had fun parading with their lanterns, chomping on mooncakes and playing charades with their friends 😊


Happy Grandparent’s Day

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang children put up a showcase of dance, song and short skit to show their love for their grandparents. They also lovingly created crafts which they eagerly brought back home for their grandparents. Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Magnetic Slime

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Black, slimy and super fun! The Cambridge @ Sengkang K1 children explored magnetic forces using slime! They were filled with wonder and surprise as they watched the magnetic slime come “alive”. Using magnets, they manipulated the slime in many ways like pulling tentacles from it, dragging it from side to side, and even accidentally dropping the magnet into the slime and see it being “engulfed” by the slime in seconds!


Earth Day

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang commemorated Earth week to raise awareness about ecological issues like climate change, drought, and water scarcity. The week was filled with significant and exciting activities to instill in children how they can help create a better, greener and cleaner planet. Even though Earth Day is celebrated once a year, the children were encouraged to conserve energy, recycle, and take personal responsibility for our planet throughout the year.


Bubble Art

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang Toddlers explore colours though “Bubble Art”. They mixed paint with water, squirted a little washing-up liquid, stirred it and blew into it using a straw to create lots of bubbles. They then gently placed a piece of paper over the bubbles to create a colorful print. Our toddlers were fully engrossed in the activity 😊