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Authentic Learning

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Through authentic learning, we engage our children’s senses which allow them to create a meaningful, useful, shared outcome which connects directly with the real world. By giving our children the opportunity to learn through authentic, real life, relevant learning experiences, we are giving them the ability to apply their learning, to learn through doing, to see their abilities, to adapt and change, and to form the habits required to do this successfully in their lives beyond school.



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Cooking is not only a fun, engaging activity for children, but one that has been used for years as an important teaching and development tool for all ages. Our children learned many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring through fun cookery lessons. Cooking also helps children to develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, early concepts of math and science as well as helping them develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities. And not forgetting our children also learnt about healthy eating and healthy meals!



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With the conviction that the early years are a crucial period when the foundation for children’s future outcome is laid, our curriculum focused on developing the whole child and equipping children with the skills and competencies that will prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the future. We recognised that holistic education is beyond academic performance and young children thrive in environments that provide high-quality human interactions and engaging learning encounters with a stable group of teachers. With iSteam, we aimed to build in our children the ability to innovate, problem-solve and think creatively and critically, to open future doors of opportunities and to be future ready!


Events & Celebrations

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Life at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm is a journey filled with joy, excitement, knowledge and growth focused on holistic child development. We regularly conduct and celebrate various events and occasions that not only allow our children to experience multiple-interaction and learning with one another, but also promote good values and love for the environment. These events play an important role in every child’s all-round development as well as promoting an awareness of and respect for diverse values and beliefs. It provides wonderful opportunities for children to learn about the traditions and values that are being cherished, instils respect and understanding of our world.


Home-School Partnership

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In order to contribute to our children’s long-term success, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm established close partnership between home and school fostering strong collaboration with parents to promote home-school partnerships. Parental involvement produces measurable gains in a child’s holistic development as parents play a central role in the development of their children, and parents are regarded as their children’s first teachers and family influences are lifelong. Strong parental involvement in the education and development of children helps parents to get a better grip on what schools are teaching and how they can support their children’s learning at home. We create parent-child bonding opportunities for our children and their parents through our twice a term parental-involvement activities which enabled our parents to engage, create, laugh, learn and bond with their children.


Outdoor Learning Experience

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The importance of outside play in early years can’t be underestimated and the benefits of learning outside the classroom are endless. Children at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm look forward to outdoor learning as being outside, our children get to express themselves freely without any space constraints. Learning in an outdoor environment allows children to interact with the elements around us and helps them gain better understanding of the world we live in. They can experience animals in their own surroundings and learn about their habitats and life cycles. The sense of freedom playing and learning outdoors allows children to make discoveries by themselves as they can develop their own ideas and understand what they can do by themselves, and develop a ‘can do’ attitude, which will act as a solid foundation for future learning.