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River Safari

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As the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children begin another learning journey about “Our Special World”, they went on a field trip to River Safari. It was an opportunity for the children to engage their five senses in exploring the world of animals. They learnt many fascinating facts about animals and could not wait to return to school to discuss and continue their learning.


Cold Storage Supermarket

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At Cambridge, we believe in giving children opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. The K2 children from Cambridge @ Robertson made a trip to the Cold Storage Supermarket nearby as one of their cumulating activities. They discussed and planned their grocery list, located the items within the supermarket and made the payment at the cashier. The activity helped them to cultivate practical real-world skills and understand the concept of money. Their purchases were then used for a follow-up sandwich making activity as part of the Mathematics’ topic on “Patterning”.


Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale children went on a field trip to Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm. They had the opportunity to taste various Chinese and European herbs. They also had a first-hand experience of mixing soil and compost and potting a plant.