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Blubber Experiment

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang K2 children were marvelling on how animals from the Arctic and Antarctic spend their lives surviving in a subfreezing air temperature and frigid water. A “Blubber Experiment” was set up to help the children understand that the mammals’ thick layer of body fats helped them to endure the cold climate. Through the experiment, the children experienced what it was like to take a dip in cold water without turning into a human popsicle!


Tanabata Matsuri – Star Festival

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Tanabata Matsuri, also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese Festival the annual meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. The Cambridge @ Robertson children celebrated the festival with various games. The K1 children rowed to find their other “half hearts”, while the N1 children played “Rolling over on Stars”. The K1 and K2 children also went “Star Hunting”. As for our little toddlers, they sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with delight!


Book Dress-up Day

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As a culminating activity on their exploration about Animals, the Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens Toddlers and K2 children held a “Book Dress-up Day”. Children were encouraged to come to school as their favourite animal character for this show and tell activity. They brought their favourite book to share with their friends. They ended the activity with light snacks following the theme on animals.


The City

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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children continued to explore the topic “Our Special World” by making a field trip to “The City”, an interactive learning playground. There, they were given the opportunity to try out different roles and professions in a fun and safe environment. The children transformed themselves into cooks, cashiers, doctors, nurses and policemen. They dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits, drove on mini streets and explored small-scale real-life location, such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon and clinic. Creativity and imagination were encouraged. It was indeed a fun experience for them!


Father’s Day Celebration

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Cambridge @ Fernvale held a sandcastle building competition at Pasir Ris Beach to celebrate Father’s Day. The children worked hand-in-hand with their parents to create wonderful sand sculptures and token prizes were given to the three best sandcastles. The highlight of the event was a picnic lunch at the beach.


SEA Aquarium and River Safari

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In line with this term’s topic on “Our Special World”, the Cambridge @ Robertson children embarked on an awesome trip to the SEA Aquarium (N1 & N2) and the River Safari (K1 & K2) to discover the world of animals they have learnt about in the classrooms.

On the list of discoveries and exploration were pandas, dolphins, jaguars, polar bears, flamingoes, anacondas, seals, otters, manatees, sting rays, sharks and many more safari and marine animals.

Our K1 and K2 children hopped on the river safari boat to get a glimpse of various animals thriving on the river and jungles. It was a ride to remember! While our N1 and N2 children gaped in awe after dolphins, rays, and sharks swam past and over them inside the gigantic aquarium.


Singapore Zoo

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale K1 and K2 children had a wonderful time on their fieldtrip to the Singapore zoo even though it was raining. They learnt about the different species of monkeys and their diets during the feeding session and watched the Splash Safari and Elephants of Asia shows. They were also treated to a tram ride around the zoo. After lunch, the children had the opportunity to learn more about the goat, ferret, rabbit and mice at the petting zoo in Kidzworld.


Mother’s Day Celebrations

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This year’s Mother’s Day celebrations at Cambridge @ Robertson took us to the world of flora and fauna! All the children and their mummies spent a wonderful and cool morning at the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. They also did a Flower Dome challenge and answered questions on the history of plants and flowers. The fun part of the challenge was to take a selfie with their favourite floral background. Happy Mother’s Day to all the super mummies!



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The Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens children had the opportunity to make their own pizza. The hands-on experience at Doughworkz nourished their minds and bodies. They learnt fun facts about food preparation and equipment that expanded their knowledge on food. It was also a fun and relaxed way for the children to exercise their motor skills.