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Our Celebrations

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In supporting children to learn about the world, developing positive attitudes or dispositions towards learning and the people around them is just as important as acquisition of knowledge and skills. Cambridge @ Bukit Timah celebrates various festival and occasion, for example Earth Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day, Halloween, Grandparents’ Day and etc.


Our Excursions

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We often link our excursions to our learning topics, this allows children to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are learning.

The teachers and children will take time to plan the process of excursion; before, during and after the trip. Before the trip, the teachers and the children will preparetheir goals and questions they want to achieve for the trip.

During the trip, they will learn from the experts from the field and explore real life experiences. And after the trip, the class will recap and related their trip to what they learnt in class.


Confidence-building Opportunity

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we provide children with many opportunities for them to invite their teachers and friends to come into their little world.

Our children presented their talents during our Cambridge Talent Show. Being centre of attention for a couple of minutes will make them feel special and important. These emotions make them feel more confident and valued. Further social skills are learnt; for the speaker, there is encouragement to ensure that their performance/information gets to the audience. For the audience, discipline and respect for others is strengthened throughout the process.

Our show and tell sessions also gave our children a chance to show off their “personal possessions”. These early language experiences help to build effective communication and listening skills. As our Show and Tell sessions are aligned with our curriculum, it helps to solidify important home-school partnership.


Home School Partnership

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At Cambridge Yio Chu Kang, we build very strong relationship with parents. Our parents are constantly involved in their children’s learning. They volunteered to be “Teacher for a day”, helping out in excursions, participating in school’s events and constantly sharing their children’s learning with the teachers.


Healthy Eating

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang K1 children were discussing about healthy eating and decided to dramatise shopping in the market. The children “shopped” for food that were healthy and at the end of the role play session, they explained why they chose the items in their basket.


iSTEAM Curriculum

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As the Cambridge@Serangoon Gardens K1 children become more and more excited about our new iSTEAM curriculum, their exploration on another simple machine made it more significant! They explored the concept of a screw, looked at different screws around them and then focused on the usefulness of an Archimedes’ Screw. The children set up a class-made Archimedes’ Screw and tested it out. They were all so amazed at how water could travel from a low point to a higher point with just a few turns of the screw! The learning never ends with fun activities like these!


National Day

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Wonderfully dressed in red and white, the children of Cambridge @ Fernvale had a simple yet meaningful National Day Celebration. They paraded around the estate and happily waved the Singapore flag. They also sang the national anthem and recited the national pledge with pride. Happy Birthday, Singapore!


iSTEAM Curriculum

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 children embarked on an exciting, new adventure of inquiry-based learning through our iSTEAM curriculum, where they explored interdisciplinary concepts of innovation, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics through real world experiences.

They started their exploration on simple machines in our environment. In particular, the wheel and axle, and its amazing use. They learnt that a water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of flowing or falling water into useful forms of power.

In their investigation, they made a water wheel using recycled styrofoam, plastic spoons, stick, and clips. They set up the water wheel and took turns pouring water to make the wheel turn! What an exciting experiment!


Racial Harmony

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Cambridge @ Sengkang celebrated Racial Harmony with an appreciation of the different ethnic group’s traditional costumes, food and games. The children learnt the importance of respecting one another to preserve peace and harmony.