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Plant Experiment

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The Cambridge @ Robertson K1 children kicked start Term 2 with an experiment relating to what they see in their everyday environment. They planted their own green beans and observed how it grew day by day. It was an awesome experience for the children and deepened their understanding of how plants grow.


Bubble Art

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang Toddlers explore colours though “Bubble Art”. They mixed paint with water, squirted a little washing-up liquid, stirred it and blew into it using a straw to create lots of bubbles. They then gently placed a piece of paper over the bubbles to create a colorful print. Our toddlers were fully engrossed in the activity 😊


FairPrice Finest Excursion

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale N2 children went on a fruit exploration at FairPrice Finest @ Seletar Mall supermarket. They observes and explored the variety of fruits available for sale and selected the ones they wanted for their fruit salad. They took turns to use the self-checkout machine to make their purchase. Back at school, they worked together to make the fruit salad. It was a fruitful day for them indeed!


Sensory Walk

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The Cambridge @ Sengkang toddlers are exploring their 5 senses this term. Their teacher created a sensory walk using boxes and different materials to let the children explore their sense of touch. The activity aroused the children’s curiosity and many stopped to touch the materials and requested to go again! Their teacher also used the opportunity to teach them about textures and sensory attributes like cold, warm, squishy and hard.