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Cambridge @ Fernvale was set up to meet the needs of young families in the community and has expanded into four bays over the years. It is also the only Cambridge centre that offers infant care, in addition to child care services, so that mothers can return to work after child birth with peace of mind.


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Singapore National Day

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Take a 360° look around at the happy faces of the Cambridge @ Fernvale children singing their hearts out for Singapore 😊


Dear Zoo Dramatisation

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale N1 class simply love the story “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell. They had loads of fun dramatising it with simple props. Great job children!


Show-and-tell Activity

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To reinforce their phonemic awareness /h/ for hats, the Cambridge @ Fernvale Nursery 1 children brought along their favourite hats for a show-and-tell activity!


Easter Day Celebrations

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Over at Cambridge @ Fernvale, the children had a fun-filled time celebrating Easter through games such as Easter egg rolling, egg relay and Easter egg hunting!


Making Fruit Salad

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale N1 children talked about keeping their bodies healthy through eating nutritious fruits. The children were introduced to different kinds of fruits and made fruit salad. Yum!...

Finger Puppet Show

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"Old Macdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O..." The Cambridge @ Fernvale infants had a enjoyable time learning the sounds made by the various farm animals through songs and a finger puppet...


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The Cambridge @ Fernvale Infants love waterplay! It is a great activity to enhance their physical development through scooping and splashing, and social development through sharing and taking turns. Splish!...

FairPrice Finest Excursion

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale N2 children went on a fruit exploration at FairPrice Finest @ Seletar Mall supermarket. They observes and explored the variety of fruits available for sale and...

National Day

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Wonderfully dressed in red and white, the children of Cambridge @ Fernvale had a simple yet meaningful National Day Celebration. They paraded around the estate and happily waved the Singapore...

Father’s Day Celebration

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Cambridge @ Fernvale held a sandcastle building competition at Pasir Ris Beach to celebrate Father's Day. The children worked hand-in-hand with their parents to create wonderful sand sculptures and token...

Singapore Zoo

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale K1 and K2 children had a wonderful time on their fieldtrip to the Singapore zoo even though it was raining. They learnt about the different species...


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The Cambridge @ Fernvale children headed to Kidzania for some “real-world” experiences. The children experienced working in different occupations and learnt more about each occupation.


Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm

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The Cambridge @ Fernvale children went on a field trip to Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farm. They had the opportunity to taste various Chinese and European herbs. They also had...

Animal Sandwich

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The toddlers at Cambridge @ Fernvale made an animal sandwich for their lesson on shapes. They used square wholemeal bread slices, triangle carrots slices, round cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes...


  • Fernvale-testimonial-2

    “…individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills.”

    Father of Jaylen

    The preschool years provide my child with opportunity to learn social skills, develop learning and build confidence. I’m glad Cambridge is well equipped with these facilities and Jaylen has blossomed and always eager going to school to learn and play with his friends. It’s indeed a pleasure to watch him grow.

    The project based approach is truly helpful in acquiring life-long learning skills based on the real world scenarios and environment. Each term has something different and interesting to offer and look forward to. It is also heartening to see how teachers and staff give individual attention to each child based on their learning abilities and skills.

    Besides the fundamental academic curriculum, the school cultivates real-world skills through project work. With a different theme topic in each term, Jaylen learns and develops valuable skill that enables him to communicate, collaborate, manage changes and being creative which are essential skills to prepare him for tomorrow’s world. He has also established strong friendship with his classmates. He would share about his interaction with them in class, whose birthday is coming and what snacks to buy for his friends when they have an outing.

    We, as parents, are extremely thankful to the teachers and school for their efforts in the best nurture of our children and look forward to even more exciting years ahead with our little daughter still in school.

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    “…ready for his next phrase in life in primary school.”

    Parent of Jervis

    As a parent, I feel that Cambridge @ Fernvale has given my child the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. The curriculum allows my child to play, grow and learn together with his friends. In addition, the lines of communication between the staff and parents are open at all times. Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Cambridge @ Fernvale for teaching and guiding my child all these years. The care and concern shown by the teachers have moulded him into a confident boy who is ready for his next phase of life in primary school.



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