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Cambridge @ DAIRY FARM

As a SPARK certified pre-school, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm strives to meet the needs of both children and parents with the aim of nurturing and developing our children to their fullest potential. Being close to nature allows us to provide our children with authentic learning and outdoor learning experiences as we strongly believe it is vital to build on the education children receive indoors by taking it outdoors.

We place great interest in the total developmental growth of each child, seeking to enrich each child’s life with age-specific programmes in a holistic approach facilitated and supported by our team of professional and dedicated educators or care-givers.

Together, we work hand-in-hand with parents to provide an enriching learning journey and pre-school experience for all our children.

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Authentic Learning

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Through authentic learning, we engage our children’s senses which allow them to create a meaningful, useful, shared outcome which connects directly with the real world. By giving our children the...


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Cooking is not only a fun, engaging activity for children, but one that has been used for years as an important teaching and development tool for all ages. Our children...


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With the conviction that the early years are a crucial period when the foundation for children’s future outcome is laid, our curriculum focused on developing the whole child and equipping...

Events & Celebrations

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Life at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm is a journey filled with joy, excitement, knowledge and growth focused on holistic child development. We regularly conduct and celebrate various events and occasions...

Home-School Partnership

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In order to contribute to our children’s long-term success, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm established close partnership between home and school fostering strong collaboration with parents to promote home-school partnerships. Parental...

Outdoor Learning Experience

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The importance of outside play in early years can’t be underestimated and the benefits of learning outside the classroom are endless. Children at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm look forward to...


  • dairy-farm-testimonial-06

    “They know all the children’s names in their school… interact very well with one another across different age groups.”

    Mother of Kim Garam

    More than a year ago, it was last year June, as our family decided to stay longer in Singapore, my husband and I decided to change our daughter’s school from Korean Church Kindergarten to a local pre-school. I started looking around to find Garam a new pre-school, bearing in mind we shouldn’t change our daughter’s environment too much, we needed to find the right school for her.

    It was quite difficult to look for the right school for Garam. Whenever I went around to visit the pre-schools, I will bring Garam along for her to see and feel the environment as she will be the one going to school everyday once it is decided, hence it is important that Garam likes the school. Honestly, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm was the only school among 7 schools where Garam did not want me to carry her after we enter the school. She detached from me and walked around the classrooms on her own and she even went upstairs to the second floor to look around. I was feeling stressed and tired of having to carry Garam around when visiting schools as she does not feel comfortable and refused to be detached from me before I found Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. Some school did not have proper facility and some school did not have warm environment. I could feel it through the children and teachers’ faces.

    However, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm was different from other schools. All the children look so vivid and active. They know all the children’s names in their school no matter how old they are, and the children interact very well with one another across different age groups. I liked to see the happy children and warm environment in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm.

    When Garam just started to go to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, it took her some time to settle down as she had difficulties understanding and learning 2 new languages – English and Chinese at the same time as she was only conversant in Korean language. But in less than a month, Garam was eager to go to school every morning and she would want to “ran” to school – saying that her friends and teachers are waiting for her in school! She even got upset on Sunday mornings after finding out that she cannot go to school as the school is closed on Sundays.

    We are very happy to see that our child enjoys going to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, and we really appreciate all the educators in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm who care for our child a lot!

  • dairy-farm-testimonial-05a

    “Cambridge’s programmes are a good balance of holistic development”

    Parents of Ashton & Clifton

    Our firstborn son, Ashton, was with Cambridge Dairy Farm from N1 to K2. Clifton, joined since he was a toddler. Cambridge’s programmes are a good balance of holistic development. Both our boys enjoyed its wide range of activities which keeps the children engaged such as outdoor learning journeys, hands-on cookery activities, etc.

    The preschool places a lot of emphasis on communication and parental involvement. The small class sizes meant every child is being looked after. We are most grateful for its team of dedicated teachers and staff and truly feel their love for all the children. The staff makes Cambridge Diary Farm feels more like a family than a school which we are all part of.

  • dairy-farm-testimonial-04

    “With the new iSTEAM curriculum, the kids will be able to develop more areas of their cognitive skills and abilities.”

    Parents of XinRu & XinRui

    Our twin girls started their learning journeys with Cambridge @ Dairy Farm in 2015. The teachers are always friendly and patient, creating a good learning experience. It’s always easy to communicate with the principle and the teachers. Our girls enjoy going to school, they even requested that we can pick them up later so that they can play with their friends after school.

    With the new iSTEAM curriculum, the kids will be able to develop more areas of their cognitive skills and abilities. It’s amazing to hear our girls sharing with us the current news and happenings around the world. This beyond-the-classroom learning is very important we felt.

    We are very satisfied with the clean and tidy learning environment at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. And we would like to thank all the teachers for guiding and caring our girls for the past few years. They have grown so much and have gained enough confidences before entering another learning phase.

  • dairy-farm-testimonial-03

    “My children were reminded to respect, to be considerate, to share, and to be a good person.”

    Mother of Julius & Joanna

    Both Julius and Joanna (my two children) joined Cambridge since they turned 18 months old in 2014 and 2017 respectively. I did a lot of search and school visits, and finally decided to send them to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. Teachers and staff there are all very friendly and caring. The curriculum, class teaching practice, outdoor activities and excursions are well designed and carefully carried out. Many learning opportunities are provided together with lots of fun.

    Moreover, Cambridge @ Dairy Farm is also a place where good character was nurtured and shaped. My children were reminded to respect, to be considerate, to share, and to be a good person.

    Julius and Joanna really enjoy going to school everyday. We appreciate all the things that the teachers and staff done. While we feel blessed to have such a wonderful school, we would highly recommend Cambridge @ Dairy Farm.

  • dairy-farm-testimonial-02

    “A Testimonial Dedicated to the Best Childcare our Daughter has ever been to!”

    Parents of Isabella Schiering

    We enrolled our daughter in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm for her final year of preschool. Although she spent only one year at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm, she forged unforgettable memories during her amazing time spent in this wonderful childcare.

    Everyone from the principal, to the teachers and cooking aunty under the wings of their loving and caring director, Ms Shermane, showed excellent teamwork, dedication and commitment. They encouraged each child to develop at their own pace because they truly believed that every child is unique and different in their own way.

    Our daughter received excellent support from her form Teacher Iana and Chen Laoshi to integrate nicely into Cambridge and she looked forward to school everyday with her classmates and nurturing teachers. The school’s approach in project based work and ensuring daily outdoor activities along with frequent outdoor excursions kept our daughter in high spirits. The positive impact by the school turned her into a very well- rounded individual and she especially thrived in her social skills.

    Another commendable component by Cambridge @ Dairy Farm is their excellent communication by their school staff on a daily basis. Besides daily verbal communication during drop off and pick up, they successfully adapted a communication app (CommApp) which provides regular updates about classroom activities and sometimes paired with photos. This gave us as parents opportunities to be involved in our daughter’s daily school life and also assured us that she was well taken care of in a safe learning environment.

    To the wonderful team at Cambridge, thank you all so much and for making our daughter’s time there so happy. It was a pleasure to have been part of your school!

  • dairy-farm-testimonial-01

    “…through a very diverse curriculum…from learning musical instruments…to experiencing the different national celebrations.”

    Mother of Emma & Aliena

    We are a family of 4, myself, Verena, originally from Germany, my husband Mark, originally from UK and our two daughters Emma and Aliena, today 7 and 5 years old.

    We moved to Singapore 5 years ago and at that stage we were looking for a childcare for Emma, which was in walking distance from our home. We’ve found Cambridge @ Dairy Farm around the corner, which had just newly opened. Everything was so clean and new, there were only 4 children and the staff was very friendly. After a couple of trial morning sessions we didn’t hesitate to enrol our daughter in that childcare. We really liked the first impression it gave to us and it did tick all the boxes for us. We also liked the idea to have our Caucasian daughter in a local childcare, where she could learn Mandarin and embrace the local culture. Right from the start Emma enjoyed going to Cambridge @ Dairy Farm and their daily activities.

    As soon as our second daughter turned 18 months we’ve enrolled her too and Aliena was very eager to accompany her older sister every day to school. By that time the student numbers had increased enormously and the students were split in different age groups.

    7 months later we extended for both girls the morning sessions to the whole day program, which helped me to go easily back to work. Our daughters didn’t mind at all, as they now could spend the whole day with their school friends together and didn’t miss out on the afternoon activities. The following years Emma and Aliena were very proud of being part of the “Cambridge Family”.

    Emma graduated from Cambridge @ Dairy Farm just after turning 6 years old. It was sad to leave her friends, who went to different primary schools, but she was thankful that she had such a great time with them over the last years. Me and my husband were so impressed, when we could hear her talking and singing in Mandarin. Aliena will turn 6 years next month and sadly will leave Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. She also will miss her friends and teachers, who were always so kind to her.

    Our children learnt a lot at Cambridge @ Dairy Farm. They were led through a very diverse curriculum and had so many different activities from learning musical instruments, having Sports lesson, going on fieldtrips, cooking and planting sessions to experiencing the different national celebrations.

    Thank You to all the Great Teachers!



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